Saturday, December 4, 2010

Personal Stories

I just started looking at the Ghost Seekers Australia website.    See, I have this long list of websites saved, and I go through them one by one.  I quit the Victoria Parks website, and feel kind of guilty about that.  It was kind of boring to me.  But I hate quitting things.  It makes me feel not-good-enough.  I'm anal that way.  Okay, but after awhile.....all the parks start sounding alike.   And since we're not planning to spend a bunch of time driving around Victoria anymore, it doesn't seem like a website I need to thoroughly study.  Still, I feel guilty about that too.  I mean I feel guilty about changing our plans again.   Now I'm starting to truly understand how my sister felt when she was struggling to choose a preschool for her son.   It's that worry of picking the wrong thing.   Like what if I'm MEANT to go to Adelaide, and I'm screwing with destiny? 

Anyway, I'm liking the ghost site so far.  I like what they say here.  .....witness testimonies and accounts are taken as part of the investigative process, and included in the overall assessment of a location. They will never be used as sole proof that a haunting exists.  

I personally feel that's a balanced approach.  I don't like when people are overly dependent on the scientific method, and completely ignore anecdotal evidence.  On the other hand, it frustrates me quite severely, when people fail to understand the difference between scientific evidence and anecdotal evidence.

You know you show someone statistics about breastfeeding and how it's healthier than formula.  Then someone says, That's NOT true!  I didn't breastfeed and my child is very healthy.  She's never been sick before.

Scientific statistics give us a general picture of what's likely to happen. There are no guarantees.  

As for the supernatural. There's no absolute scientific proof that there's life after death.   There IS good scientific evidence of psychic phenomena, but I won't go into that right now.  Anyway, so science hasn't proven that there's life after death. There's no scientific proof of reincarnation.  All we really have is anecdotal evidence. We have some compelling stories that can be quite convincing.    I believe a lot of them.  

Just because there's no scientific proof of something, it doesn't mean it's not true.  Science can't answer every question immediately.  So I think it's ridiculous to disbelief in something simply because no one has fully proved it with the scientific method. I think it's best to look at the stories...the evidence.  Look at the information with an open-mind, and say, MAYBE.   Maybe it's true.  

There are some people who immediately believe.  OR they expect you to immediately believe them.  I TRY to give people the benefit of the doubt, and believe they're not doing a hoax thing.  But then I have to look at it all with some amount of skepticism.   Did they really talk to a ghost?  Could they have imagined it?   Could the glow in the picture just be a reflection of something?  Were their memories of being drowned really a past life memory, or just based on a movie they once saw?

A part of me asks all those doubting questions.  Another part of me believes. I do the same with my own stories of weirdness. A part of me believes they're supernatural, and another part of me believes it's just random coincidences.  

Well, speaking of the supernatural.   I hope if there IS some kind of spirit thing guiding me, it helps me to decide where to go in Australia.  I DO feel a pull from Tasmania. But I can't say I fully trust my intuition. I need a sign.  I need some dreams. I need some synchronicity.   

But I'm really attached to the Tasmania idea right now.  If my spirit guides try to send me to South Australia, I'll probably ignore them.  I'm such a rebel.  

Oh, and no offense to South Australia.  I know it's VERY lovely there.   I think we'd be more excited about it back in the days that we loved McLeod's Daughters.    And even without Tess and Claire, it's a beauty of a place.   I know.  It's just that Tasmania is really calling to me.  Or I'm imagining that it's calling to me.   I don't have any scientific evidence to prove it.