Monday, December 20, 2010

That Demon Barber

Jack is suddenly slightly obsessed with the Tim Burton version of Sweeney Todd.  This is mostly because it has four Harry Potter actors. 

Jack has been asking me lots of questions about the plot.  I have a hard time answering because I've seen only bits of the movie.  So I went to talk to Lord Wiki about the movie and story.   He says it involves Australia. In the musical, I guess Mr. Todd is angry for being sent to the penal colony in Australia.

I decided to get further information, and googled Sweeney Todd and Australia.  I got this website; Sweeney Todd Medical Waste Specialists.  Wow. Someone has a pretty dark sense of humor.

The company's physical address is in Corio, Victoria.  Their PO box is in Lara, Victoria.  That's kind of weird because I got a very bizarre email from someone named Lara today.    I'd count that as synchronicity.  It's not a name I often run into; and today I run into it twice, both times relating to something a bit strange.

Anyway, in the Sweeney Todd story,  bodies are hid in meat pies. Isn't THAT kind of like medical waste disposal? 

The weird thing about the medical waste website is....well, it's not weird. I mean it doesn't look weird.  It looks very straight-forward, professional, serious, etc.