Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Variety of Things

Going to a Birthday Party in a few minutes for my super adorable four-year-old cousin.  His parents gave Jack Harry Potter Clue for Chanukah last night.  The three of us played this morning.   Tim won. I guessed too early, and lost.  So sad.

Anyway, just wanted to jot down some quick random things.

1.  On the way to the Chanukah party, we did a quick stop at the British Emporium in Grapevine.    You know those dreams, where you encounter something SO awesome, then you wake up, and wish it had been real? This is what that store was like.   It had LOTS of great stuff.   We didn't have much time to explore, so I wasn't able to seek out the Australian stuff.   I did see Vegemite though.   We bought more treacle toffee, and Christmas cakes.  The shop is near my cousin's birthday party, so we might go there again.  

The stuff at the store is a bit expensive, so I have to make sure not to go overboard.  

Still though....This place is MUCH better than the candy/food at Harry Potter land at Universal Studios.  Oh, and we actually bought a Harry Potter sticker book from there.

2. I got some exciting potential news from one of my Australian friends.   

3. One of my Australian friends was thinking of my family (and that's lovely in itself).  They went to sit down at a table in the library, and there was a book about Fort Worth on the table (insert Twilight Zone music here).   Why are Australians reading about Fort Worth?  That's very random.  Well, I guess they had their reasons.  

4. This morning when I woke up, the name Portsea popped into my brain.  I was pretty sure it was an Australian place, but went to go look it up, because I didn't know exactly where it is.   I don't think that was totally random because I probably encountered it when looking at the map these past few days.  But it COULD be a message.  I've seen tons of Australian place names the past few days.    Why did that name come to my head?  Maybe we're supposed to go there.    Although it won't change our Tasmanian plans.  We could just drive/train over there while in Melbourne....if needed.  

5. I dreamed about Julian McMahon last night.  What else is new.  I'm going to share my other dream though; the one that came before McMahon showed up.  

I'm in a bedroom.   I'm lying there and seeing vivid colored images.   I see a bright yellow thing...a car maybe.   I start thinking I'm psychic maybe, and I might be seeing things that relate to the missing child.   Then I decide I can use these vivid images to induce a lucid dream.    I fly out of bed, and fly past Tim.   I'm wondering if he'll notice me.   Will he see me?   I think he senses something, but doesn't really see me.   I fly out the front door, and ask the powers-that-be to take me to the Dream City (a place I visit in a lot of my lucid dreams).   I end up in a building with an elevator.     There's a woman there with me.  I have the sense that she's using the elevator to get to somewhere else besides Dream City.    

The elevator starts to drop.   The woman is totally freaked out.  I'm not.  I just stand there watching her get freaked out.  Then the elevator starts turning upside down.   Now I'm a little scared, but not too much because I know this is a dream. I think about waking up so I can escape anything super scary.  But then I feel bad for abandoning this woman.    There's a sense that this is a dream for me, but NOT for her.  I stay with her (I'm proud of my dream self for making such a compassionate choice).    I start to sing a uplifting song, trying to cheer her up. This makes her furious.  So then I sing a heavy metal kind of thing, and the lyrics are very negative. This makes her laugh.  She's amused, and in a better state of mind.

There's more I'd want to share, but I'm late.   I gotta run and get dressed!