Monday, January 10, 2011

The Boy Who Lost the Skin On His Arm

I had a gruesome dream last night, probably inspired by the House of Night novel I'm reading.  But I also think it had some deep and (maybe) valuable symbolism.

I see a story about an Aboriginal child.  He does something wrong, and as punishment someone slices the skin off his arm.  He's pretty much skinned. He has only bone left. It's very graphic, and I'm surprised they're showing the cutting in such detail.

Later the skin on the boy's arm grows back.  It looks a bit weird, but he's fine. Not only is the child fine, but he's proud of the new skin. He's happy that his own body managed to recover and repair itself.  

I think the cutting and blood bit came from the novels.  There's some gruesome knife action in those books. 

I think the recovery represents how some of us are able to overcome injuries...either physical or emotional.

For example.....

Many of us have endured very painful rejections.   Maybe our husbands walked out on us.  Maybe the boyfriend we deeply loved decided he was no longer interested.  Someone might have severed a friendship we relied on.  We may have lost a job.  Well, there are lots of examples.  I can't imagine anyone reading this and saying Well, nothing like that has ever happened to me!  

I think there's something amazing about looking back at what we endured in the past, and thinking Hey, I survived that!  Not only am I still living and functioning, but I'm least sometimes.    I pulled myself up again. My skin grew back. I healed.