Saturday, January 1, 2011

Captain Cook

The National Library of Australia has a photo of Captain Cook that I hadn't seen before. In the photo, he kind of reminds me of someone. I'm not sure who.....

Maybe Bill Murray?  Sort of.  I think there's a subtle similarity.

He reminds me of someone else as well.

Ah!  I figured it out. It was a bit tricky. I had to cover up his hair, and pretend he was female.

He looks like Cameron Diaz! Seriously. Check it out.

I would put the photo in the post, but I think that's not allowed.   You're probably supposed to ask for permission, and I'm too lazy.   Plus, can you imagine me writing to the National Library of Australia.   Hi.  Can I post one of your photos in my blog? I'm trying to illustrate my point that Captain James Cook looks like Cameron Diaz.