Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fire in a Flood

I just saw this news on Facebook.  A stadium in Brisbane is on fire.

A fire in a flood.  That sounds really nuts. It would be funny in a dark and ironic way, if the whole idea of electrocution didn't terrify me.  

That's how they think the fire started. The flood waters caused a generator to short-circuit.

I get really scared of people getting electrocuted by water. I know Brisbane is shutting off a lot of electricity. But what about battery stuff?  Can you get electrocuted if that stuff gets dropped in the water?

Okay.  Well, here's some reassuring news. According to someone on Yahoo answers, a battery-operated thing is not strong enough to cause major damage.


It might be different for something like a laptop....

Please be careful.

Edited to add: Just read....according to the Queensland Police Service (on Facebook) the stadium is not on fire.  Well, it is on fire....I think. But it's a very small isolated type fire.  That's good.