Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm glad to hear that Oprah is planning to mention the floods when her Australia show airs next week.   I think it would be weird and rude if she didn't.  So my respect for her has gone up a few notches.   Or at least it hasn't gone down.

I might watch the show. I'm not a big fan of Oprah, so I wasn't really planning on it.   But then I sent that email to her company about the floods, and I thought....well, that's kind of rude that I would do that, and then not even watch her Australia show. 

Who knows.  Maybe I'll end up watching the show, and convert to being an Oprah-fan.   That would kind of suck though, since her show is going off the air.   I guess I could watch her network, or...reruns. 

No, I doubt it.  I don't imagine myself ever becoming a fan of that type of talk show.

I think it was all ruined for me back when we lived in NYC.   Neurofibromatosis was my big interest back then.  Tim and I were invited to be in the audience of some talk show about NF.    It was so...fake.  I forgot exactly why I felt that way.   I think maybe they told the audience members how to react?   And there's way too much sensationalism.  

Anyway, it's good that Oprah plans to mention the flood.   Well, I think the show has already been taped, so it will probably be some side type thing in-between the show and the commercials.   Hopefully, they'll have a number to call for people wanting to make donations.