Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is what people want to know this morning (according to my Statcounter).

Is Gerry Harvey a Jew?

Is Dawn Fraser gay?

Has Costas Mandylor ever been in jail?

Why doesn't Portia De Rossi have an accent?   LOTS of people have been interested in that woman's accent lately.  And she actually does have an accent.  It's just not an Australian one.

Why is Jack Obsessed with Google Earth?   Who is Jack?!  And why IS he obsessed with Google Earth.  Is the answer out there somewhere?  

It can't be my Jack. He's not obsessed with Google Earth.  Right now he's into Harry Potter, Mario Bros, Sponge Bob, and Shrek.    

You know Statcounter is a really fun toy.   It can be educational too.  Yesterday I had someone...actually not on Statcounter, but the little counter thing on my blog.  They had a flag I didn't recognize.  The city was Chisinau.   I Googled, and found the country was Moldova.    I'm not sure I had ever even heard of that place before.   Jack and I did some research.  We found out it's a small country between Romania and the Ukraine. And we learned (according to the CIA website) it has mudslides.   

See, because of my interest in Australia, I now know where Moldova is. 

Here are some more fun stats.

Out of the last 500 page views of my blog, 49.80% were from Australia.  31.60% were from America.  2.8% were from the UK.  2.6% were from Canada. 2% were from Germany.  0.60% were from the Republic of Moldova.