Monday, January 10, 2011

A Surprise In the Mail!

Jack loves to get the mail.  That makes sense to me when he's expecting something.  But why when he's not expecting something?  Or maybe he ALWAYS expects something. He could be overly optimistic.

I certainly wasn't expecting anything today.

But something was there! 

We're all very surprised, excited, happy, and grateful!!

Our friend Alex sent us a package of Australian candy from Australia!

It shouldn't have been a complete surprise because Alex did ask for our address a few weeks ago.  I guess I assumed he'd be like me.  I plan to send something in the mail.  I might even get it into an envelope or box. But then I can't find the address, or the stamps....or I'm too lazy to go to the post office.

These days I rarely even try.   If I do send a package it's a total spur of the moment thing.  Hey, let's send so and so a package.  We pick stuff up at the store, and go immediately to the mailing center.   If I let time sit between step A and step B the package won't be sent.

The funny thing is Alex said Happy Birthday on the enclosed card. So, the candy was a belated birthday gift.  Last night I dreamed his family called me and left a birthday message. Maybe the dream was a sort of premonition. 

Oh! And Alex sent one of my favorite things.  Wizz Fizz!    The first time we tried it was when were with Alex's family in Hawaii.  Since then....I haven't been able to find it at the shop we order from.   We had hoped the Australia shop in London would have it, but we didn't see it.