Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am so ashamed and embarrassed.

I forgot to mention Tasmania in my last post. That is REALLY horrible of me.  

It's pure stupidity to forget it in the first place.  But on top of that, our VERY lovely friends live there. And I've been super excited about visiting that state. 

So major shame on me.

In terms of natural disasters, I was hoping to Google and find nothing.  But no such luck. Tasmania is also bracing for some storms and flooding.  Hopefully, it will be VERY minor compared to Queensland.  

The city mentioned in the article is Launceston. Guess what. That's where my friend lives.  With most people, I wouldn't worry.  But my friend tends to have bad luck.  So please. Pray for them.  

The area under threat is east of the city. I'm not sure if our friends live there or not.  Hopefully not.  But more than that, I hope there is NO bad flooding in Tasmania.  I want my friends to be safe, but of course I want everyone else to be safe as well.

Some folks believe that visualization works.   Maybe we can all visualize sunshine and disappearing rain clouds. No, disappearing would be bad. Then we'll get droughts. How about we visualize better-behaving rain clouds.   That might work.