Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tim, NOW I'm Posting About the Dead Birds

Tim mentioned this afternoon that he liked what I said in my blog about the dead birds.  Then he went on to tell me about something he saw on The Daily Show.   I thought it was a bit peculiar, because I didn't remember posting about the dead birds.   Did I?  I don't know for sure, but I don't think I did.   I quickly skimmed my latest entries, and didn't see anything.  But maybe I missed it.   You guys know from my typos and proofreading issues that I'm not always the most careful reader. 


I personally think we TALKED about the birds, Tim read my blog this afternoon, and then confused our conversation with what he read.  

Now though I shall talk about the dead birds.

What a way to begin a new year.

So... there's been lots of dead birds and dead fish in Arkansas.  There are dead birds in Louisiana.   And there are now reports of dead birds in Kentucky.  

I decided to check out my own state.  I googled dead birds and Texas.    I got this article.    Dead Birds Rain Down on Towns Half a World Apart.  One of the towns was Austin Texas, and the other was Esperance, Western Australia.  The Australian birds dropped in December 2006.  The Texan ones dropped in January.  

This article is a bit scary.  If I'm reading it right, the bird deaths in Esperance were connected to high levels of lead.

I'm not sure about the birds in Austin.

When things like this happen, it feels like we're in the beginning of a science fiction movie...or a didactic religious horror movie.  My guess is this will end up being another unsolved mystery, forgotten in a few years. 

It's weird for animals to fall from the sky, but it does happen.

I asked Lord Wiki about some examples.

He said earlier last year, fish fell onto the Northern Territory town of Lajamanu. Here's an article about that.  It includes some examples of other weird things falling from the sky.