Wednesday, January 26, 2011


1. Read article about Geoffrey Rush's Oscar nominations.  I thought the article was rather boring.   The movie was better.

2. Read John's post about Australia Day.   I liked it, because he talked about how it's a day to celebrate Australia, and welcome new Australians.   But that doesn't mean Australia is perfect.  You can love a country and still recognize that there needs to be some improvements.   Some folks don't want to allow that attitude. They believe if you don't see something as perfect AND the best, then you should disappear.  

3. Saw from Statcounter that a lot of people are coming to my blog for Lillian Roxon reasons.   I actually got her confused with her niece, at first. But now I remembered....Nicola Roxon is the Health Minister, or at least she was.  Lillian is the reporter that wrote about rock music.

4. Went to check with Lord Wiki over whether Nicola Roxon is still Health Minister, and he says yes. She's Minster of Health and Ageing.

5. Got a VERY nice Australia Day message on my Facebook wall. I appreciated that.   

6. Read article about the flood tax thing. Tony Abbott is against it.   He feels it's against mateship.   He says, As soon as the Government puts on a tax, it is not an expression of generosity.  It is the very opposite of mateship once it is compulsory.   He has a point.  It's a less meaningful gesture when people are FORCED to help.   But can you depend on people giving on their own accord?   I think many a point.  It's unlikely to be enough though.  

7. Got excited because I thought an American lawyer was speaking out in defense of Julian Assange. It turns out that it's an Australian lawyer.   That's nice, but I think it's fairly common for Australians to defend Assange.  I think more Americans need to speak up.  Otherwise, we're making ourselves look like people who shoot the messenger, don't truly care about free speech, AND have a lot to hide.    Speaking of Assange, I regret to report his Sims 3 counterpart passed away last night.  His family lives on though. His daughter married a vampire, and they have a vampire toddler.

8. Learned about Red Cross Parcels from this commercial on the Australian Screen website.   

9. Decided to keep practicing with Australia quizzes.  I took this B themed-one today, and got 8/10.   The average score is 7/10, so I'm pretty okay with my score.

10. Watched a 1940 commercial for Rinso Laundry detergent that made me thankful for the feminist movement, and modern washing machines.  Lord Wiki says that Rinso no longer exists.  

11. Started Reading The Rose Crossing by Nicholas Jose.  I'm worried I'm not going to like it.   It seems like one of those books where I have to read each paragraph repeatedly in order to understand what's going on.

12. Tried to make sense of this very disturbing article about something happening in Victoria.   A woman's daughter was murdered.  A known child-killer was suspected of the crime.   She took him to court, and because she lost the first part of the case, she may have to pay his legal fees. That is so crazy.  Am I missing something here?  I can maybe understand if someone dragged an innocent man through the courts.  But this guy is already a convicted killer!

13. Talked to Jack about the different attitudes towards Australia Day, and we ate the leftover Lamington cupcakes.  They're SO good. I think it's because Tim put salt in the frosting.  I'm not sure if he got that from the recipe, or he came up with the idea on his own.  It's like the salt in the chocolate milk on Modern Family.  Have any of you tried that?  

14. Learned that the 22nd Premier of South Australia was an American.  John Jenkins.  

15. Figured out that The Rose Crossing might be about incest.  Well, I guess it might make things a little more interesting.  I feel bad saying that because I'm sure people have suffered through that in real life.  But in fiction, it doesn't harm anyone. 

16. Listened to Rebecca Lavelle song; In His Eyes.  I like it less than I've liked her other songs.  

17. Read Tiffany's BEAUTIFUL post about Australia Day.  She shows how it doesn't have to be a day of over-the-top racist patriotism, and it also doesn't have to be Invasion Day self-hatred.  She says, Australia Day is celebrating all that is good about us and I do mean all of us because what is really amazing about Australia is that we are a multicultural land.

18. Read that Jimmy Buffet was rushed to the hospital with a head injury after falling off the stage in Sydney.  I hope he ends up being okay.  That's really scary.

19. Watched Jewelchic's video about Oprah's visit.  Jewelchic has a vision board....part of The Secret idea thing that Aussie Rhonda Byrne sold to the world. Oprah's picture is on Jewelchic's board.  Oprah came to visit. Oprah and Jewelchic talk about how this proves that dreams come true.  Okay.  How about all the people in the world with, Oprah photos on their boards, that Oprah did NOT visit?  And yes, dreams DO come true.  But not because of a vision board. And many dreams do NOT come true even when people wish hard enough, believe hard enough, and work hard enough. 

20. Realized the American government's tactics against Julian Assange reminds me of the aspects of Scientology I don't like (their secretiveness, and bullying behavior)   I thought about the credit card companies today, and got angry all over again. 

21. Considered quitting The Rose Crossing.  It's not enjoyable reading for me.  It's scholarly brainy reading.  But I hate quitting books. Sometimes I don't like the beginning of books, but by the end I love them....or at least like them.  On the other hand, sometimes I struggle through a whole book and then regret wasting my time.  Well....I'll give it a few more chapters.  

22. Got an email from a friend saying she didn't like this new blogging style.  I'm never speaking to her again. No, I'm JOKING.   I think it was nice that she was honest with me, especially since I asked.  I love writing this way, but I'm still worried that many other people will dislike it.    I think I'm going to stay with this system for now though.    I think with anything, some people are going to like it better than the old way, and some people won't.  I still plan to do old-style posts, probably mostly when I want to research something more in depth. 

23. Read on the Sydney Sustainable Market Facebook Page that they've run out of reusable bags, and are asking people to donate some of their extras. Then they're going to pass out the various bags to people.  That's pretty cool. Do they usually give out free bags at these places?    Wait.  I read it wrong.  They ran out of green bags. What are green bags?  Ah.... I think this is it. I think they're referring to green reusable bags.   

24. Was thinking if people don't like my new blog posts, maybe they can read my novel instead.   I really wish I had more readers for that thing.   It has nothing to do with Australia.  Sorry.  But it has crazy dream stuff, teen romance, family drama..... It's like Twilight meets Inception.  I shouldn't really say that because I haven't seen Inception.  But I know it's about going into people's dreams, and stuff like that.  My novel is about the same type of thing.  

The picture on the novel website is our front door. I used that (with special visual effects added) because I've had lucid dreams involving that door. 

25. Saw links that one of my Aussie Facebook friends has shared.  They're anti-psychiatry videos from the Scientology supported group Citizens Commission on Human Rights.   That's one thing I DO like about Scientology...their lack of love for psychiatry. I also like that a science fiction writer was the founder of the religion.  I don't get why people have a problem with that?   I think it's awesome.  Maybe one day JK Rowling will start a religion. I'd be tempted to join.  

26. Watched the trailer for The King's Speech.  I LOVE that movie.  I love Geoffrey Rush in that movie.  The part at 1:32 always gives me a little tear. 

27. Relieved to hear that Jimmy Buffet has been released from the hospital.   Doctors say he's fine.   I hope he has a follow-up appointment....just in case.  I think with head injuries it's best to be over-cautious.  

28. Read that the flood levy is going to cost most households 1-5 dollars a week.   If you're financially challenged, or a victim of the flood yourself, you won't have to pay anything.   Really?   Is 1-5 dollars that big of a deal? I think what's worse is there's going to be budget cuts in other spending areas (such as environmental programs)  I just looked at the poll for the article. 80% of people oppose the tax.  I don't really understand why.