Friday, January 14, 2011

Waking Up to Flood News

It's morning here in Texas, and I just finished seeing a lot of flood updates on Facebook.

There's this one on the SBS website.  It's kind of short, but very uplifting. There are asylum seekers in Darwin. They're at a detention center, and guess what they did....

They got together and raised money to help victims of the flood.


And it puts to shame anyone who says they can't afford to donate. 

I'm not saying everyone needs to donate to the Queensland flood.Some people donate to other stuff, and that's fine. We can't donate to every cause out there. Why? Because then we'd be the ones needing the charity.

But I will be a bitch and say that if someone hasn't donated to ANY cause for a long time, that's matter what they're financial situation. Hell, they can just donate a few coins if that's all they've got.    

And here's the other news story that caught my attention. Sharks. There are sharks swimming 30 km from the coast.  Let me convert that to miles for me.....

Okay. It's 18 miles.

Tim would be able to figure that out in his head. He's more impressive than me.

The sharks...bull sharks...have been found in a suburb called Goodna.  

If I remember correctly, bull sharks don't have a reputation for being friendly. Last night, Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island was in my dreams. He was super friendly. I don't think we can say the same for bull sharks.  

I have to admit.  I do think it's kind of cool that a shark is swimming down a main street. I like sharks. But it's also really scary.  Well, I mean the shark part isn't that scary.  What's scary is the flood that caused the shark to be swimming down a main street. I think people are probably in much more danger of drowning than they are of getting eaten by a shark. I'd also say it's the TINY things in the water...that which can't be seen...that will cause the most harm.  

On to other things....

This wasn't an article, just a posting from a couple of sources. A laundry machine company called Fisher and Paykel has set aside some machines for people to use. That's very nice of them.     According to the Queensland Police Service they have only seven machines, so it might be a long line. But someone is saying they have free tea and coffee to drink while you wait.  

It's amazing to read the comments on that post. People are also offering to come and pick up the laundry of strangers, and wash it for them.   

This wasn't on Facebook, but I saw it in The Australian via my iGoogle.  Queensland is still currently the queen of natural disasters in Australia. But the other states seem to be working hard on getting in on the action.   Unfortunately. 

I agree with Anna Bligh when she says, I hope and pray that mother nature is leaving us alone to get on with the job of cleaning up and recovering from this event.