Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Should I Do?

I hate asking people's opinions.  I like to make my own decisions.  But this is one of those rare moments where I want input.

I kind of liked writing the My Week Post.   It was nice to jot things down, and not worry about writing a long essay about them.  Sometimes I want to share something I've seen or experienced, but I feel obligated to write a whole damn post about it.    Then I end up rambling on and on about my feelings. This is fine, except for the fact that I feel I'm being really repetitive.   How many times can I blab on and on about eating disorders, my dislike of formal education, my desire for people to be nicer to each other, my distrust of psychiatric drugs, etc.

A part of me is thinking I should start writing most posts in the same way I wrote the My week Post.   But instead of writing it on a weekly basis, I'll do one everyday.  I guess my question is whether people would want to read them.  I don't want to write something that no one wants to read....or that only one person wants to read.

I'll still write the blab-on-and-on posts every so often.  But aren't you guys kind of getting sick of hearing my lengthy opinions?  Sort of?  Maybe. It's hard for me to imagine you're not.    

Anyway, please share your opinion with me....ESPECIALLY if you're a regular visit to my little corner. 

I know my comments are disabled, and that's not changing.  Sorry.  But I'll try to make things fair and easy by giving multiple ways of sharing your opinion.

1. You can go to the Facebook Page.   If you are already a member, you can comment there.  If you're not a member, I'd love for you to join. Who doesn't like their page followers to grow? 

2.  I'm going to put up a little poll thing. It will be in the top right hand corner.  But I think I'll just leave it up for a day. So vote soon.

3. You can email me, and share you're opinion that way.

Just tell me if you

A) Loved the My Week post, and would like most future posts to be that way.

B) Would like a mixture of both types of posts

C) Did not like the My Week post, and would prefer they be kept to a strict minimum. 

Thank you for your input!!