Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Don't Put It On Your Sandwich

Sometimes I forget that which I have learned.

My new adventure on the Australian Screen website is watching advertisements.  The first one I watched was for Aeroplane Jelly.  I tried to imagine what it could be, and pictured candy...lollies.    Here in America we call them gummy— gummy bears, gummy alphabet, gummy worms, gummy cola bottles, etc.  Australia has similar candy, but they call it jelly.   At my friend's house, we had jelly snakes. Same thing different name. 

I consulted Lord Wiki and he said that Aeroplane Jelly was the name of a company.  They make jelly. Then I got it into my head that it was a different type of jelly; not candy, but the stuff you spread on bread. In America, we often mix it with peanut butter. I forgot that Australians don't call this stuff jelly.  They call it jam.  We call it jam sometimes too. We have jam, jelly, and preserves. Don't ask me what the difference is between those three.   

Anyway, I jumped over to the Aeroplane Jelly website.   I looked at the product page, and thought wow, that's a really odd way of packaging jelly.  Don't worry though. It took about two seconds to remember Australian Jelly=American Jello.  It's that delicious food made up of slimy dead animal parts.  I'm a bad vegetarian. I eat Jello/Jelly, and I eat the gummy/jelly candy.