Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andrew, Mt. Gambier, Greg Page, and Dinner

1. Received a VERY helpful email from Andrew about visiting Melbourne.   I yellow-starred it so I can remember to look at it as I'm planning.

2. Looked up Umpherston Sinkhole because Andrew mentioned it.  It's in Mt. Gambier.   It's some kind of cave that's been turned into a garden.  It looks pretty cool, and I'm glad Andrew mentioned it because I wasn't sure what to do besides the blue lake.   I mean I'm sure the blue lake is beautiful, but how long can you spend staring at it?

I looked at a Mt. Gambier tourist site a few weeks ago.  It's weird.  I don't remember the sinkhole being mentioned.  Maybe I missed it?

3. Looked at the website for Scienceworks.   Andrew recommended it.   Jack and Tim like these things.  This might be a day where I send them off to the museum, and I hang around the library or something.  Then I'll take Jack to the zoo on another day.  Tim's not really into that, so he can use that time to do something else.

4. Wanted to report that this video is probably the video link my blog visitors most often follow.  It's McLeod's Daughter's; Claire's funeral.  

5. Also wanted to report that lots of people go to my Judith Durham video links.

6. Informed by Jack that Australia uses the same rating system for movies, TV, and video games.  In America, the movie rating system is different from the TV and video game one.   I'm not sure if our video game and TV one is the same, or not.  I'm sure Jack knows.

7. Read sad news about Greg Page (Mr. Yellow Wiggle).   He's lost a lot of money because of some investment problems.  I hope he manages to pull himself out of this.   

8.  Decided to buy some Greg Page music.   If people buy his music that might help a bit. And I actually like his singing, so it's not a completely altruistic purchase.

9. Waited for my email with the download-music link.  It's taking awhile, so I'm a bit nervous.

10. Received my download of Greg Page music. Hopefully, I'll enjoy listening to it.  

11. Went to dinner at Tim's former co-worker's house.  Tim brought up Australia, and it turns out they're interested in Australia.   So....I felt compelled to talk about my obsession.   I might have talked a bit too much.   I joked with Tim that by the time I was through with them, they probably never want to hear Australia mentioned again.    But then I didn't feel so bad because they talked about their stuff too.  I don't feel I overly dominated the conversation, which I'm capable of if someone brings up Australia.  I think the talking was fairly even.  Actually....even when we talked about Australia, I think a lot of it was about them; the places they want to visit in Australia, their Australian friends, why they like Australia, etc.  

Anyway, it was a nice night.   The conversation was interesting.  The food was delicious.   Their dog was sweet.  Jack had a great time playing with their two daughters.

12.  Liked what Helen said on the Facebook Page.  Just a quick note from me. You may not like it, you may think I'm too strict compared to Banksy, but please keep comments civilised today. Anything attacking another commenter or encouraging violence will be deleted. Thank you.

A couple of people complained. Stephanie said, Not the first time the news will silence a persons voice or opinion.

Did Helen say anything about silencing people's opinions?  No.  She didn't say don't share your opinion.  She said don't attack another commenter or encourage violence. Why is it so hard for people to argue without being rude and nasty?   

A lot of people have good responses.  One of my favorites comes from Rebekah.   She says....well, she says a lot, so I'm not going to quote the whole thing.  I'll quote the parts I like best.   To have an opinion and share it is one thing to judge anothers by name calling and questionoing someones intelligence - then sometimes yo ugotta cu them off and wlak away, which in the end is why nothing ever gets solved. Because if Im being abused by insults and the issue is lost then Im walking away...and keeping my opinions to in other words...personal abuse- that causes censorship. Life we are all in it together! So lets work it out for the best for one another...

She has a lot of typos, but I still think what she said is beautiful and true. If someone feels sharing their opinion will bring about threats and name-calling, they may become silent.  It can be seen as a form of informal censorship.   Not only will the attacked person choose silence; those who agree with him may stay silent as well because they don't want to be attacked too.   

13. Thought Simone's comment was a bit ironic.  She says, I think she means don't abuse other people for their opinions. Pretty fair and simple really *rolleyes*   Personally, I think eye-rolling can be hurtful too.   I think it's equivalent to saying "You're dumb" or "You're a complete fool".  

14. Tried to find information about an island in Australia that has only wild horses living there.  Our new friends were talking about it. They said they thought it was near Sydney. It has a restaurant on it.   I think that's what they said.     

15. Felt grateful to Tim because he said very nice things about my blog in front of our friends.  It's nice to get compliments.  It's even nicer when people give you compliments in front of others. Well, unless it's something embarrassing.