Friday, April 29, 2011

Cousin Dreams, Weddings, Johnny O'Keefe, and Shirts,

1. Made sense of my Tasmania dream from yesterday.  It came to me in the middle of the night, probably thanks to something my friend told me.

The dream would have made sense if instead of going on a plane we went on the ferry from Tasmania to the mainland.  That would have made the trip take all night rather than a short flight.  In the dream, there was a definite feeling of traveling through the night; and the need to get some sleep.   Maybe my brain was thinking of the ferry, but it messed things up and made it a plane.  One of the things I edited out yesterday was a part where we seemed to be on beds instead of chairs. If you pay extra on the Spirit of Tasmania, you can get a private cabin with beds.  I don't think our beds were in private cabins; but I think my mind combined a private cabin on a ferry with the economy section of an airplane.   

2. Dreamed about my cousin in Australia.  She tells me they're leaving Australia. My feelings about this surprise me.  I expected to be kind of relieved since I've always been jealous.   But instead I'm a bit sad.  I'm glad though to see that she's sad because that means she ended up liking Australia.  I might feel a bit smug about the whole thing.  Ha.  I was right all along.  Australia is fantastic, and you're going to miss it.  But then I get a closer look at her, and she's less sad than I thought.  

Several dreams later.....

I'm with my family at a crowded body of water where you can swim.  Maybe a pool?   Or it might be some type of natural thing.  We're all kind of hanging out.  There's talk of taking a photo of all of us in the water.  I'm not in the water yet though.   My sister has gone away from the water and is towards the back of the place where there's a building.  I see her talking to some woman.   I think it's her old speech therapist at first, but then I realize it's my cousin.  I go over to both of them.  I give my cousin this huge hug and I'm very emotional about the whole thing.  I'm trying not to cry. A part of me is glad to see my cousin, but another part of me is sad that she left Australia.  

3. Saw many Facebook messages about the royal wedding.  I missed it. I was asleep, dreaming my little dreams. 

4. Glad that Kate and William aren't Australian, because otherwise I'd feel obligated to write about them.  It's just not that interesting to me, personally.  However, I have no problem with other people getting excited and obsessed about it.  Some people are into the wedding.   I'm all into Harry Potter.   A Facebook friend of mine is very much into all the drama that's going on with The Office.  Our friend Greg is totally obsessed with basketball.  We all have our things—our fantasies and distractions.  The world can be a scary place, so it's nice to have something that takes us away from it for awhile.  I think it's only a problem when we have our heads completely in the clouds, and are completely oblivious and uncaring towards serious problems in the world.   I mean it would be sad if people gave 100% of their thoughts to the wedding and nothing to the people who lost their homes and loved ones in the recent tornadoes.

 5. Spent about three minutes looking at photos from the wedding. So I'm not THAT disinterested.

6. Listened to Johnny O'Keefe sing "She's My Baby" on the Australian Screen website.  

Lord Wiki says O'Keefe was the first rock-n-roll performer Australian to tour the United States.   He had a lot of hits in Australia. It seems like he was a pretty big deal.

7. Watched a mini-documentary about O'Keefe on YouTube.  The narrator says he was known as being Australia's first rock star.   The documentary kind of reminds me of the Barry Humphries documentary that talked about Whitlam.   I wonder if this is a clip from that?

8. Watched a video of O'Keefe singing "Shout".  

It's interesting to me that I've been obsessed with Australia for 3.5 years; and with all my research, I don't think I've ever heard about O'Keefe.  It's funny how I can miss something as huge as that.   For me, it's a reminder that there's so much more for me to learn.

9. Watched a video of Johnny O'Keefe singing "Sing Sing Sing".  I like the song.   It reminds me of me.   I sing a lot.   Once a few weeks ago, I tried to stop singing (for various reasons) and I couldn't stop.  Seriously, I made a no-singing rule, and I kept accidentally breaking it.   Well, I'm sure if I kept trying I'd be able to overcome my singing issue.   But in the end, I decided that singing is fun, I like it, and whether I sing good or bad, I'm going to keep doing it.  If you're going to have a habit, singing really isn't the worst one to have.

10. Packed for the lake house and chose three Australian shirts for Jack.  I was curious to what he'd say about that.  I had him come and look at the clothes, so he could decide if he wanted those or if he wanted to go get others.   He was fine with two of the shirts, but traded in one for a Harry Potter one.   The funny thing is he complained the shirt is too big.  It's not.   It's probably the perfect size for him.   He likes his clothes small, I suppose. He still wears shirts that he wore when he was 4-5 sometimes.  Granted we did use to buy him large sizes that he'd grow into.  I don't know.  Maybe he got tired of wearing things too big, so now he wears things that are small.  

11. Looked at Victorian Mannerist Buildings on the Sydney Architecture Page. On the architecture style pages, they include buildings outside of Sydney.  I really love the Benvenuta building in Victoria...Carlton.

12. Looked at a photo of Benvenuta on Flickr.   I kind of expected to be disappointed with a second photo, but I'm not.  This building is fantastic.  I wonder what it's used for.  Does someone live there?

13. Searched for more information on Benvenuta.   I found this Melbourne building website.  They say the name is no longer Benvenuta.   Now it's called Medley Hall.

It was built for a widow in 1893.   She lived there until 1914.   Later the home was sold to the government.  And then it was taken over by the University of Melbourne.

14. Looked at Medley Hall's website.   I like their photo of the building the far.  Still.  It's beautiful.

They say they've been closed since July 2009, but they're going to open back up this July.  

15. Loved looking at Victorian Second Empire buildings.

Now I'm consulting Lord Wiki about this style.  I'm wondering if we have any of these buildings in America.  Yep.  There's a few. I like this courthouse in Indiana.