Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lizards, The Wiggles, Health Issues, and The Pacific Highway

1.  Had two dreams with Australia in it.

In one, someone has given us a medical kit for our next Australia trip. It has three or four bottles of prescription medicine.  We've been told it will prevent diarrhea. I'm a little suspicious, wondering how this person got a hold of prescription drugs. I wonder if we'll really need the drugs.  We were fine without them on our previous trips.

In the other, I think about how I've had a woman stay with us.  I hardly knew her, but invited her to stay anyway. It worked out pretty well.  I'm kind of surprised about that.    I think about how the woman is not Australian but interested in Australia like me. I have a feeling she'll want me to come to stay with her next.  I'm a little nervous about it. 

2. Woke up to iGoogle headlines saying that Sam Moran is no longer the yellow Wiggle.

What happened?

I better go read the article.

There has been a lot of people coming to my blog with Sam Moran keywords, but I just figured people were interested in his tattoo again.  Well, and that's really the keywords most of these Sam Moran seekers are using to get to my blog. "Sam Moran tattoo". Is that related to why he's not a Wiggle anymore?

3. Started to read the article.  Greg is coming back!

I'm very happy to hear that.

I feel bad for Sam, though. Can he not continue with the Wiggles as another character?

Maybe he will.

I should keep reading.

4. Saw that Sam Moran is not staying with the group, although other people suggested it too.  Some people said he should become a green Wiggle.

5. Found an old dream about Australia.  It's from March 20, 2008.  It deals with romantic/love stuff.   It happened when I was having major marriage and emotional problems.

We're all in Australia. We have to go back soon to pack and get ready. I've met this guy....actually two guys. This one guy is not gorgeous, but sweet. And helpful. At one time, he does something that reminds me so much of me. I joke that we're soulmates. But I start thinking about things then. Could there be something between us? I then question whether he's interested in me. Has he shown any interest? I don't want to be stuck with a guy who is not truly in love with me. I think of things he's done since we've know him. He hasn't shown great love for me...but he's done nice things that show he might be interested.

At one point, we're all sitting and a female magician comes over. She starts doing tricks. She's entertaining. She makes money fall down my shirt. She acts like it's an accident, but I can't tell if that's part of the act. We are running a bit short on time; and I'm a little worried.

The guy politely tells her we need to go. He has tact, but doesn't let it get in the way of taking care of the people he cares about. 

I think we walk back together and I continue to think about whether I'm interested in him. I don't have a crush on him yet, but I feel I could grow to have feelings for him. I think about how he knows I'm married, but doesn't know I'm unhappy.  I think about how he'll...well, it's like he's not Australian. But he lives there and maybe will get citizenship? Maybe we'll get together and I can become Australian. Then that leads to question, do I really like him or do I just want the Australian citizenship? I decide I must still like him because I've met a lot of Australian men and I'm not interested in all of them.

I'll refrain from commenting on that for now.

Well, actually I think the dream reveals enough.  Although I had to edit a few keywords out, because they would reveal TOO much.  

It was a difficult time for me.

6. Went to Tallygarunga.

Today I'm going to read a story called Behind the Bushes.

The story takes place in the Murrigal Bushlands, which is between Narragyambie and Tallygarunga.

The stars of the story are Artemesia Bellerose and Améa du Contiaea.

The last I saw those two witches together they were sharing a Snickers bar.

7. Started to read.

Améa is now living with Jezebel.  She's having a bit of a rough time because she doesn't get the solitude she craves.

8. Learned Adele (Améa's mom) is pregnant again. So Améa will be getting yet another sister...or brother.

9. Saw that Améa actually likes Artemesia.   Miracle of miracles!  Even though she's been seeking solitude, she doesn't mind talking to Artemesia.

I think those two might be good for each other. 

10. Learned that Arti is now living with foster parents.

I hope they're treating her well—at least better than her father did.  

11.  Learned that Arti's dad was killed.

12. Read that Arti is missing Reade.

Where is he?

Did they break up?

Is he on holiday somewhere?

13. Finished reading the story.  It's very touching.  It shows Améa reaching out to someone. Usually she's pushing people away.

Arti doesn't want to talk because she's very troubled from being raped, and her throat hurts because it's been damaged.  Améa reassures her and says it's okay not to talk. Then Arti assumes Améa means she's telepathic, and so Arti starts talking to her with her mind.

Is she telepathic?

I don't think so. I could be wrong. I don't really remember any telepathy in her stories.

It's kind of funny if she's not, and Arti is trying to tell her all this stuff.

14. Saw that my Australian of the day is Millicent Sylvia Armstrong.

My sister had a Cabbage Patch doll named Millicent, but we called her Millie.

We lost her at Disney World.  She got left behind.   We ended up finding her, though, thanks to evidence found on our home videos. She now sits in a closet in my parent's house, along with other Cabbage Patch dolls.

Anyway....back to the Australian Millicent.

She was a playwright.

She was born in Sydney in 1888.

She went to the University of Sydney and studied English.

She sometimes used the name Emily Brown. 

15. Learned that Armstrong worked for a military medical unit; and wrote shows to entertain the patients.  

16. Started to look at Fredweng's Day 17 in Australia Flickr set.

I can see he saw lizards that day.

17. Saw that Fredweng is now in Alice Springs

There's a picture of a bus.  Did he take a bus there from Adelaide?  Wait.  It's an air shuttle bus. He probably took the bus to the airport; and just didn't take any airport photos.

I think Adelaide to Alice Springs would be a long bus ride.

18. Looked on Google Maps.   It's a sixteen hour drive from Adelaide to Alice Springs.  

I'd hate to be on a bus that long.

19.  Saw that Fredweng went to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre.  

Here's their website.  Maybe we'll go there on our pretend Australia trip.  

20. Thought this goanna was pretty charming.

I think I'm more of a goanna person than a seal person.  

21. Thought this snake skin collection thing was pretty cool.  

22. Wondered if there's meaning behind the fact that my iTunes DJ played "Listen To the News" from Bran Nue Dae twice in a row.

It's a great song and a great scene.

23. Saw another cute goanna photo.   

24. Thought this lizard was adorable.  

25. Hoped I'd see a thorny devil in person someday.   As far as I can remember; we haven't.

I'd love to see one in the wild, but I'd also be excited to see one at a zoo or animal park.  

26. Learned from Lord Wiki that the thorny devil eats lots of ants.

He'd probably be good in Texas.   We sometimes have way too many ants here.

27. Wanted to clarify something.   I know we've definitely never seen a thorny devil out in the wild.  They don't live in the parts of Australia we visited. And I wouldn't forget running into one.

We MIGHT have seen one in captivity. I could have forgotten that.  But I doubt it.

28. Thought this guy was cute; but in a he's-so-ugly-he's-cute kind of way.  

29. Did not think Terry the Saltwater Crocodile was cute.   Sorry, Steve Irwin.  

If I remember correctly, Steve Irwin didn't like birds.

I love birds. So, I don't think Steve Irwin and I have the same taste in animals.

30.  Saw that Fredweng ate noodles again.  

31. Hoped we had good weather in Canberra today.

I have special plans and I'm very excited about them.

32. Looked at Canberra weather. There's likely to be thunderstorms in the morning.  Then it's going to get warm.

It will probably be too warm for my taste.  

33. Went to Funtrivia to take another Australia quiz.

This one is called Pacific Highway from Sydney to Brisbane.   I'm not sure if it will be about the highway itself or the towns among the highway.

34. Realized this quiz really IS about the highway.   I might not get anything right.  What do I know about highways?   They scare me, and I don't drive on them.  Well, I really don't drive at all anymore, actually.

Anyway, I got the first question wrong.  The answer was Berowra.   It's a suburb in Sydney.   I forgot the actual question. It had something to do with a ramp.

35. Found Berowra on Google Maps.   The Pacific Highway is alongside of it, on the east.  

36. Used Google Maps Street View to get a glimpse of the Pacific Highway near Berowra. 

37. Saw I was wrong.   The quiz is more about the towns and cities alongside the highway. I'm doing fairly okay with it.

38.  Got question #5 wrong and learned there's a place on the highway called South West Rocks.   According to the quiz, it's a good place for diving. 

39. Found South West Rocks on Google Maps.   It's between Nambucca Heads and Port Macquarie.

40. Finished the quiz.   I got an 8/10 which is the average.

It was easier than I expected it to be.

41. Had a moment of confusion in the car.   For a brief moment, I believed I was Australian.

But I remembered quickly that I'm American.

42. Thought of Offspring while I was getting ready to upload our photos of koi fish.   There was a storyline, on the show, about a koi pond disaster.

43. Thought about Greg Page again...well, because I checked my Statcounter and saw all the Wiggles seeking people.  I'm very glad he's feeling well enough to be Wiggling again.

His medical situation sort of reminds me of Tim's.   Tim went from being very active to being very tired and inactive. So Greg Page's story kind of gives me hope.

And today while we were eating ice-cream, Tim seemed more hopeful about his condition than usual.

44. Thought maybe I spoke too soon, because now Tim says he has a bad headache.

Well, I guess health issues have their ups and downs.