Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Pretend Australia Trip Day 22 Lake Entrance

I just woke up a few minutes ago.

Tim's gone.

I'm guessing he walked to the beach or something.

Jack's still asleep.

I guess I'll read my book for awhile.

* * *

I enjoyed reading my book.

There was a nice sex-on-the-beach scene.

Afterward the couple ate chocolate chip cookies that became extra crunchy from the specks of sand.

* * *

Tim's back.

He walked to the beach and he stopped at the store to get some ingredients for stir fry.  He's making that tonight.

Now we're waiting for Jack to wake up.

* * *

Jack's awake.

We're trying to decide what to do.

We're thinking of walking to the beach, but it's supposed to rain today.  And Tim says it's probably too chilly for swimming.

We might skip that and just hang out around the Esplanade.

For now we're just going to eat apricot Weet-bix.  

* * *

Now Jack is talking to his cousins on FaceTime.

We haven't done that in awhile.

After he talks to Darcy and Ellie, he's going to call Javier and Roberto.

* * *

He's finished talking to his cousins.

Now he's talking to my parents.

Tim is talking to them too.

I'm not...really.

I'm not big on video chatting.

I'm listening, though.

My parents just went to a Leanne Rhimes concert.  They both liked it a lot.

The other big family news is that yesterday they celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. My sister made her famous chocolate pie.   

* * *

We've had a pretty fun day so far.

After breakfast, we drove to Lion's Park. 

Then we walked around a bit.

Tim was right.  It is a bit cold, but it wasn't too bad.

We went to a bait shop.  We're not planning to fish.  We just thought it might be interesting. And it was raining.   The shop offered us some dryness.  

When it stopped raining a bit, we walked over to Griffith's Seashell Museum.  

Outside the museum is one of Australia's big things—a giant blue ring octopus.

The museum itself was cute.  It had lots of cute things made out of shells. 

Jack bought small gifts for Darcy and Ellie at the museum gift shop. We'll need to get gifts for the other cousins...at some point.

After the shell place,  we walked to another park.

It had a nice playground, but the equipment was wet.   And Jack's not really into playgrounds much anymore, anyway.

We ate pizza for lunch.

And that's about it for now.

We're hanging out in our cabin now.

I'm going to read more of my book.

Jack's going to play Minecraft.

Tim's watching a movie on his computer

* * *

I'm annoyed by my book.  It reminds me of a Days of our Lives storyline—secrets and misunderstandings driving people apart. 

It makes me wonder.  How do most friendships and relationships fall apart?   I would think most times people get tired of each other.  They might begin to hate each other.  They might simply grow apart.

How often do people still love each other, but they're broken apart by a big secret?   I'm sure that happens sometimes in real life.  But my guess is that it's more common in soap operas and romance novels. 

* * *

Tim's taking a nap.

Jack and I went walking around the caravan park.

We didn't see any kids.

We saw an elderly couple.

I gave a little wave. They said g'day

Jack and I said it back.

We saw and heard an Australian Raven.

That was fun.

* * *

I'm tired.

I think I'll go to bed soon.

But first I'm going to have another Iced Vo Vo. 

NOTE:  This trip journal is fictional.   We are not really in Australia.  Some stuff in these posts are based on research.  Some stuff is based on my reality.  Some stuff is based on past experiences. And some stuff is based on fantasy.   

The non-trip journal posts ARE true and real…except for my dreams (which are written in purple). 
Oh...and also....my 2009 trip reports are about a real trip to Australia.  That's all true too.