Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Pretend Trip to Australia Day 19 Eden

Okay, so now I'm groggy.

I have that feeling where I feel like I'm coming down with something. But usually when I have this feeling I don't come down with anything.   So, that's the good news.

I just feel kind of rundown and a bit achy.   I'm somewhat lethargic.  It took effort for me to get out of bed.   It took effort for me to get dressed for breakfast.

I made sure to eat lots of fruit for breakfast in hopes their vitamins would boost my immunity.  On top of that, I also had one of our super magical vitamin drinks.  Yeah.  I know.  Overkill.  

Today we're going to drive up north a bit to another town called Merimbula. We're going to go to an animal park called Potoroo Palace.  

* * *

We're not all going to the animal park.

I felt bad dragging Tim there because I know he gets tired of those types of attractions.

SO...I suggested that he maybe go see a movie instead.

Tim protested, but I insisted.  Of course, I did start to worry.  What if he WANTS to come with us, and I'm rejecting him?   But I think when you're married to someone you know what they enjoy and you know what's boring to them.

I'm not saying Tim hates zoos and animal parks.  He enjoys them, but I think he enjoys them in small doses. After awhile he gets that glazed look in his eyes—the one I get at museums.   Although his tolerance for zoos is probably higher than my tolerance for museums.


We did some research and found a movie theater in Merimbula. Tim's going to drop us off at the animal park and then he's going to go see Sherlock Holmes.  

Tim LOVES movies.

I used to be a huge fan too.   Then I did a semester of film school, and it kind of ruined things for me.   I like movies a little bit, but I'm a much bigger fan of books and television shows.

* * *

I'm a little worried that we'll be ready to leave the animal park before Tim gets out of the movie.   We're going to be stuck there for close to 3 hours. That's kind of a long time.

We'll have lots of time to bond with the animals.   It'll be nice.

* * *

We're back!

We had a good time, although I do think we were at the animal park a bit too long.  

There was one point where I looked at my phone and thought crap, we're going to be here two more hours...or even more since Tim is always late.  But after that, time sped up a bit.  We had a lot of fun.

We saw kangaroos, dingos, and potoroos. 

We had major bonding moments with Charlie the cockatoo.   Jack is really wanting a pet cockatoo now.  It's hard for me to say no, because I want one too.    But I do know that the right answer for us is no.  I don't think we're responsible and dedicated enough for parrot ownership.   Plus, I do prefer them in the wild.   I love the idea of free birds more than captured birds.  That being said, if someone else has captured a bird, I don't mind hanging out a bit with their captive animal.  

Back to the animals....

Jack and I both also loved Luna the Echidna.  She's very cute, and of course I thought of Luna Lovegood.

Guess who we saw at Potoroo.....

The other people staying at the Bed and Breakfast!   They were much more friendly and outgoing at the park than they are back here.  I don't know why.   Maybe they were in a happier mood?  

I'm not saying they're usually unfriendly—just kind of quiet.  

Today they were much more talkative, and they seemed excited to see us.

What happened is they overheard Jack talking about the GOP primaries.  Jack's really into that right now, and has been talking about it a lot.  The guys were amused that this child was so politically aware.   One of them kind of chuckled and made a remark about him being clever.   Our backs were turned. I turned around to say thanks, and then we saw that we knew each other.

We had a short friendly chat; then we went our separate ways.
Tim enjoyed his movie.  He was late as I expected.

With Tim, time just magically disappears. 

I started feeling a bit off while we were waiting for Tim but nothing too horrible.  

Once Tim arrived, the three of us ate a very early dinner (or linner) at a Mexican restaurant.  

Jack got a quesadilla kids meal.  Tim and I split vegetarian tostados.  It was all nice.

We thought of getting dessert there but then decided to go for ice-cream.   There's something about ice-cream shops and coastal towns. I don't know. I think they go together well.  

Jack pushed us into getting the Pure Passion sundae which had real passionfruit along with passionfruit and vanilla ice-cream.  Jack's really loves fruit, especially exotic fruit.

I kind of wanted to get the sundae with honeycomb, but I gave into Jack.  Sometimes I find it challenging to say no, especially when I know he's so excited about something. Plus, he wanted a fruit thing. That's probably more healthy than the honeycomb thing.  

And in the end we all loved the sundae.  

* * *

Now we're trying to decide what to terms of eating.

We ate dinner at around 3:30.  We had the ice-cream around 4:30.  Now it's close to 6:00. We're not hungry...yet.   But we probably will be before it's time to go to sleep.  

We have the pita chips left from yesterday.  Maybe we'll eat those?  We can drop by Coles and get more hummus or something.

Maybe we'll eat on the beach again.

That was nice.

* * *

I'm getting tired.

Maybe I'll skip the whole dinner on the beach thing.  I just want to veg out.

Or maybe I'll take a little nap before we head out for our snack on the beach.

NOTE:  This trip journal is fictional.   We are not really in Australia.  Some stuff in these posts are based on research.  Some stuff is based on my reality.  Some stuff is based on past experiences. And some stuff is based on fantasy.   

The non-trip journal posts ARE true and real…except for my dreams (which are written in purple). 
Oh...and 2009 trip reports are about a real trip to Australia.  That's all true too.