Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogger Grief

This morning I'm feeling regretful about the quitting of the quitting of my blog.

Blogger has a new interface, and I absolutely hate it.

They've had the new look for awhile, but it was something you had to opt into.

Now it's there for everyone.

I felt better for a few minutes when I learned that you CAN opt back to the old blogger look. I'm using it now.

But then I learned this is temporary. Blogger plans to force everyone to make the change...eventually.


I've been looking at the feedback out there. Some people are like me—hate the new look. Other people are very pleased with it.

I'm not one of those people who are resistant to all website changes. Sometimes the changes do improve things. But I see no positive changes with the new least not for me personally. I'm sure it will benefit certain people who are wanting certain things that I don't understand.

There's something about Dynamic Views? It's supposed to be exciting, but I don't get it. Do you?

For other bloggers out there using Blogger, please tell me what you think of all this.

If you are happy with the changes, please tell me why? Maybe you can convince me this is not too horrible?


FruitCake said...


I tried it months ago for about 2 seconds. I'm not totally resistant to change, I just don't understand it, there's never been an intuitive user interface that I could follow intuitively, and I resent the time it takes to try and work out yet another pointless innovation.

I hope this makes you feel better. Please don't leave us again :(

Dina said...


Thank you. That's so sweet. I'm going to stick around for now...while I can still use the old editor.

Once the change is made, I'll try hard to get used to it.

Some changes just need time to get used to them. With other changes, the whole process becomes actually more difficult.

I found this was the case this morning. It's not just about a different look; but I actually couldn't easily do what I easily did before. To be specific, when editing an old post, after the edits were done Blogger would give the immediate option of seeing the published post. Now that doesn't happen. After the post was published I had to go through and relocate it.

It's only a minute or so of extra time. I'm sure I can adjust eventually. But it's annoying.

I think I'd feel better if there was a positive to the changes I could see...something that would make up for the negative.

Andrew said...

I'm slowly getting used to it and there are some good new features but I had to revert to the old a couple of days ago to correctly place photos and often it fails to upload multiple photos and I end up doing it one by one.

Dina said...


What a pain.

Is there a way to do photos on the new one? Did they take that ability away? Or did they just make it too complicated to easily understand?

Whichever the case...they should fix it.

What are the new features that are good?

Andrew said...

You can easily look at statistics. It saves as soon as you stop typing. I quite like the new method of labels and selecting when to post, given I so rarely write and post immediately. The old system, you could select up to five photos to upload, and then do another five. Now you can just select all the photos to upload, but as I said, it doesn't work very well.

HappyOrganist said...

I don't like the changes. And the new colors make it hard to read (I know this doesn't make sense - but seriously, it makes it harder to read).
It's ok to regret unquitting blogging.. do whatever you like with that (is all fine ;) )

And it's funny I haven't actually tried doing anything since the change - so all I know really is I don't like the colors at all (or the format changes).
I do have a hard time getting used to any new program whether it's a new program I've never used or an updated version... Luddite... ♥

Dina said...


I agree. It's hard to read.

Old blogger reminds me of something made for elementary school students. It's easy to follow. It's message seems to be "Anyone can blog...even if you're not good with computers!"

It's like blogging for dummies.

The new blogger looks intimidating.

I realized it wouldn't matter about quitting the quitting.

Before I quit the quitting I was still reading old posts, and the new blogger makes that as difficult as well.

I won't regret quitting and I won't regret quitting the quitting. I'll just regret that Blogger is changing.

Dina said...

I wish this was one of Google's April Fool's Day jokes.

Although I think some of their joke products make more sense then the Blogger changes.