Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rudolf Höss Coincidence

I've been reading this fantastic book about the Holocaust.  It might be the best Holocaust book I've read in a long time. 

It's called Too Many Men, and it's written by Lily Brett.  

The book is about an Australian New Yorker who goes to Poland with her Holocaust survivor father.   The novel is less about what happened to the Jews in World War II, and more about modern reactions to the Holocaust. 

I will say the book is not too flattering to the Polish.  The protagonist's viewpoint of Poland reminds me of Bill Bryson's view of Darwin.  

Basically one of the main ideas of the book is that the Jews are gone from Poland, but not anti-semitism. Although the book is kind enough to show some exceptions. Not all the Polish are awful.

Like most books about the Holocaust this book brings up feelings of despair and anger.   The usual stuff.  Butt there's also a lot of cuteness and humor.

And there's some interesting mystical elements.  


This morning I realized I had a weird morbid coincidence.

Before going to bed I read a scene which describes the hanging of Rudolph Höss.  It's a bit graphic.

They mention the date of the hanging.  I didn't think about it.

Then this morning I thought about it.  I thought about how it's April now and Höss' death was sometime in April.   I consulted Lord Wiki about the exact date of the hanging (because I had forgotten what the book said).  Lord Wiki says it was April 16.  Today is April 17.  So I realized I read about an April 16 death on April 16.

It's not a huge deal. But I did think it was a little interesting.