Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get Rich With Blogging!

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about Mom bloggers making money off their blog.

They use Twitter and their blog posts to promote what companies want to promote. Then they get paid, or they get reimbursed for trying out the product or service.

It's tempting to say I'd never sell out like that.  But I might one day get an offer that's too tempting to refuse.  (So far I HAVE gotten offers, but most have not been the least bit tempting).

What I will say is I have no interest in reading blogs that are full of advertisements and have posts that sound like promotional brochures. 

I'd rather have the advertisements, though, because then it's upfront and honest.

To me, it's more annoying when the commercial is carefully weaved into the content.

I love Stephen Colbert, but I find all the Ben and Jerry promotional stuff to be very annoying.   It was funny at first.  But then it got old.  

Now I'm having this fantasy where Qantas or Virgin emails me and says, We'll fly your family free to Australia if you write a post about your flight.  I can't imagine refusing that. I wouldn't feel my ethics are compromised as long as I could be upfront and say the trip was paid for by the company, and I was obliged to write about it.

The Sydney Morning Herald article talks about an alcoholic who was offered $1000 to write about a Vodka brand.    If they had read the blog, they would have known how inappropriate the offer was.

That's one of the things that really annoys me.   When I get offers for my blog, it's overly clear that there was no research or reading done.    I think I'd be much more open to saying yes if it looked to me like the company actually took the time to read a few posts.