Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gotye and Minecraft

Jack just sent me a very cute video.  It's a Minecraft parody of "Somebody that I Used To Know".

For those who don't play Minecraft, you can convert wolves and ocelots into pet dogs and cats.   The parody song is about a dog feeling betrayed when his human starts getting cats.  Then the human responds by saying it's not easy having a dog in Minecraft. I agree. I've had about six Minecraft dogs  lost all of them.  

I haven't managed to get a cat yet.  For now, I'm using farm animals as my pets. I have tons of pigs, cows, and sheep. 

Jack and I are both really into Minecraft right now.  I can't say enough good things about the game.    I think it's a game that almost everyone can enjoy, because there are so many different ways to play.   Jack usually plays in creative mode when he's alone.  There you have access to all the materials, and you can build what you want to build.  Jack has spent months building this one world.   He has all types of adorable and impressive buildings.  Then last week he figured out how to turn his world into a multi-player world.  So then I was able to walk around in a virtual world created by my own child's imagination.  There we played games together while I was upstairs (in real life) and he was downstairs. It was an AMAZING experience. I'm not sure if everyone feels this way, but when I walk around a Minecraft World, I feel like I'm really there.  

I play survival mode and have been playing the same world for a couple of weeks.  You can play with people around the world—join their worlds. I personally prefer to play alone. I'm paranoid about accidentally breaking rules or messing something up.  Jack and I visited a community-based world a few days ago.  I planned to just look around, but had an accident and broke off a piece of a roller coaster.  I felt quite ashamed.

Anyway, my world is called Monkey Mia.  I wanted to name it after an Australian place, and that's the first thing that came to mind.  I'm not sure why.   It's not like I have a special connection to Monkey Mia.   Also, there are no monkeys in Minecraft. Nor are there any dolphins.   

In the survivor world, you might choose to fight monsters— zombies, creepers, spiders, and other awful things.   It's actually the monsters that peeked my interest in playing the game.   But then ironically after I got into the whole thing, it's what I liked least.  I became terrified of the monster.  I confessed to Jack that I was considering switching the game to Peaceful mode. This means you get to do the building, farming, mining, exploring, etc.   But no monsters!   Jack scolded me for that, and talked me out of it.  I realized he was right, at least in my case. Without monsters, the game wouldn't be challenging enough.  It wouldn't be as thrilling finding diamonds next to lava if a skeleton wasn't shooting arrows at you during the retrieval process.  

I came up with a compromise. I turned off the Minecraft sound and music.   I realized that's what was causing most of my fear.  Now I play Minecraft with MY music in the background.

I'm still not loving the monsters, but I think they make the game more exciting.

Jack loves fighting the monsters. He plays in my world. I watch him killing scary things with our collection of enchanted swords, and I can't help but be impressed. 

As I was saying, though.  Really.   Minecraft can be adjusted to most people's tastes.  You can just build...no restrictions.   Or you can hunt, gather, and farm in a monster free world. 

You can have scary music and scary sound effects.  Or you can get rid of the scary music and scary sound effects. 

You can play hardcore.  This is where death brings about the destruction of the world you worked so hard to create.  I don't do that, but I admire those who do.  

Of course there's always room for improvement in Minecraft. I'd really love some Australian stuff. kangaroos and dingos would be nice; maybe some parrots too.   

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