Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kangaroos on ABC

Tonight there was more Aussie stuff on ABC.  I'm talking about the AMERICAN ABC, not the Australian one.

One of the characters of Suburgatory has a pet kangaroo.  It was introduced in the last episode.   I assumed it was a quick silly joke that would be soon dropped.  But no.  The kangaroo was back tonight. 

No worries, though. The show's not advocating irresponsible pet ownership.   If anyone was interested in having a pet kangaroo, they'd likely change their mind after watching the episode. The kangaroo wrecked the house. 

On Modern Family, ABC continued with the kangaroo theme by having Mitch or Cam make a comment about having a kangaroo pouch to stick Lily.

I'm so intrigued by Modern Family's habit of alluding to Australia things. Is there something going on there?   Maybe I read too much into it because of my Australia obsession. Maybe they allude to other countries just as frequently, but I don't notice.

I'd like to think there's something going on, though.   And I can't help but think there is.   Maybe one of the writers is like me and is really obsessed with Australia?  Maybe he or she IS Australian?   Maybe she's married to an Australian?

Anyway, while I'm on the subject of television, there was an interesting coincidence.

In the last episode of Awake, some of the characters watched The X-Files.  Then tonight on Suburgatory one of the characters watched the The X-Files.   I'm wondering. Is it X-Files appreciation month, or something?  Did I miss the memo?

I did a little research and learned the executive producer of The X-Files is also the executive producer of Awake.  So I guess that's why they did that.  I'm not sure why Suburgatory mentioned it as well.