Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Offspring (spoiler alert)

I've been wanting to write about the third season of Offspring, but wasn't sure if I could manage to say anything interesting without giving important things away.  Then I remembered that I could simply have a spoiler alert. 

That's not to say that this will necessarily be interesting.

Anyway...if you don't watch Offspring and plan to watch it someday, or if you're not caught up on season three; then don't read this.

Well, I'm actually not fully caught up myself.  I'm in the middle of episode four.  I should be caught up soon.

I'm loving this season. I used to see Offspring as being almost as good as Modern Family.  Now I'm liking it more than Modern Family.    I think it's my favorite show at the moment.   That's mostly because Offspring is so wonderful, but also because Modern Family has become a tiny bit less wonderful lately.  (in my opinion)

In this season of Offspring, Nina learns that her father is not her biological father.  It's an exciting storyline. My only grief is that it negates the big revelation of the series premiere. There Nina was delivering a baby and learned that the baby was her father's. She delivered her own baby brother.    But now we know that's not true. 

It's fine, though.   

In episode three, Nina meets the man who is probably her father.  He's a sweet old man doctor.    Nina didn't tell him she was his daughter.  She pretended she wanted medication to help her handle an upcoming long flight. 

I thought they did a good job finding an actor that looked like he could be Nina's father. I got this idea that MAYBE they hired Asher Keddie (Nina)'s real father to play the role.  I looked up the cast list and felt very stupid.  Her father's played by Garry McDonald!  How did I not recognize him?

Nina's biological father is the awesome Garry McDonald.    Then she has the very sexy John Waters as her he-raised-me father.  There was a third guy in the picture.  Nina's mom had an affair with two guys in one week.  One was a parking worker of some sort.   I wonder if some big actor played that guy as well.

I'm looking at IMDb, and am not seeing the character in the cast list. Maybe it will be added later. 

Although Nina Proudman is the central character of the show, she's not my favorite.   I do like her.   It's just I like other characters more than her.

I love the Dad, Darcy Proudman.  There was a lovely tearjerker scene involving him and Nina.   The question was hanging in the air.   Would he still be her father even though he was not her biological father?   Darcy helped to answer that question by revealing he did some behind the scenes work to help Nina deal with her recent fire disaster. They get all teary-eyed and then Darcy says he's always been mad about Nina and he'll always be mad about her.

I had a few inappropriate thoughts during these scenes. 

Darcy Proudman is incredibly sexy, and now they don't share genes, so....

But since Darcy is Nina's dad, she probably can't see him in that type of way. 

If she did, it would be a whole different type of TV show.   Maybe something like Days of our Lives.  

My other favorite Offspring person besides Darcy is probably Billy Proudman, Nina's half-sister.    Billy is one of those very vulnerable and honest people.   She says exactly what's on her mind, even if it will embarrass herself or others.   In a recent episode, Billy revealed to her husband that she's actually jealous of Nina's who-is-my-father drama.  She's jealous that Nina gets to be the center of attention again. Billy knows these feelings aren't very mature, but she's brave enough to admit them.

I love Cherie, the character who happens to be Nina's friend, coworker, and the mother of the baby who was initially believed to be Nina's much younger brother.  Cherie seems to be around less this season, but maybe that will change in later episodes.  

Well, those are my thoughts so far.

Please chime in if you have anything to add.   Do you watch Offspring?   What are your favorite TV dramas lately?  


  1. I think that Cherie was not in asmuch of this season because deborah Mailman was busy filming Mabo, although I'm notpositive about the timing of it. I think that they had a lot of conflicting schedules this year with kat Stewart's pregnancy and also a lot of the boys (Lachy Hume [Clegg], Richard Davies [Jimmy] & Matthew LeNevez [Patrick] all in the upcoming Ch 9 series about Kerry Packer and WorldCup cricket, although on screen it really only seemstohave impacted on Clegg which make sense since Lachy Hume plays Packer, while the other two are cricketers so have smaller roles.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you so much for bringing me up to date. I didn't know about any of these upcoming projects.

    The Kerry Packer program sounds interesting; although I'd probably only like it because of the familiar actors.

    I'll also have to look into the Mabo

  3. Dina, Mabo was a made for tv movie that aired on ABC a few weeks ago but it might still be available on iView. I haven't seen it yet but heard it was good.

    The series about Packer will air on 9. Not sure when, they've definitely been flogging it during the ad breaks for The Block and The Voice, although realistically I doubt it will be on until after the Olympics.

  4. How are you able to watch this series? I would love to, but it is not available in the U.S.

  5. Lisa,


    I think I accidentally deleted your other comment. Sorry. My mind's not all there right now.

    Anyway...what we did is get an Australian iTunes account.

    And some episodes I watched online. With's a matter of here today, account deleted tomorrow.