Friday, May 18, 2012

Patch Of Blue

I finished reading a book called Patch of Blue today. It was written by an Australian author, Elizabeth Kata, and adapted into a fairly well known American movie starring Sydney Poitier.

I learned from Lord Wiki that the American movie is much more uplifting and optimistic than the novel.

The novel's end might have a vague amount of hopefulness in it.  Or at least you can add it yourself if you're in a good enough mood while reading it.

The book is about Selina, a severely abused young woman, who was blinded as a child in a domestic violence incident.  

Selina is sweet, innocent, and...very racist.   She's never seen a black person before, but knows they're horrible.  

One day Selina goes to the park and has a bead-dropping accident.  She's helped by a man named Gordon. They become friends. Gordon becomes the first person that has ever made Selina feel loved and happy. 

The thought-provoking irony of the story is that Gordon is a black man. Selina doesn't realize this.

The book made me sad.  It's not just that I felt sorry for Selina.   But also....even though I'm not blind, abused, or racist, I could relate to a lot of the feelings in the book.

My circumstances are so different from Selina's. Yet I share some of her inner turmoil. 

I guess life is like that.

Even though the book made me feel sad, unsettled, and a bit hopeless about certain things, I thought it was good a good one.  Its better than the books that make me feel nothing and are very boring.