Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sharing Jewels

I was excited to see that the Weinstein Company has bought American distribution rights for an Australian movie.  That means maybe it will be big here.

I hadn't heard of the movie until just now when I saw it mentioned on the ABC.  That kind of makes me feel like I'm failing as the American obsessed with Australia.

I also feel like I've failed as a Sookie Stackhouse fan.  We went to the bookstore a week or so ago and I saw there was a new Sookie Stackhouse novel.  I had NO idea that one was coming out.   And there's a new Dark Tower book as well!  I used to be a big Stephen King fan, and now I'm so in the dark.

There's so much information out there, though. It's impossible to stay informed about it all. And I don't expect to know everything. 

It would be nice to know about things that interest me, though.

And I would be interested in The Sapphires.  Not just because it's Australian. Deborah Mailman is one of the stars. I adore her. 

It would be cool if the movie became popular America.

I don't know why I have this desire for Australian things to be popular in America.

I want my sisters to watch and love Offspring.  I'm pretty sure they would.

At the lake house, we were listening to music, "Someone I Used To Know" came on.   My brother-in-law told us he liked the song.  I liked hearing that.

I liked that the guys in my family were all enthusiastic about an AC/DC pinball machine.

Wow.  I just thought of something.  Maybe it's not Americans in general.  Maybe it's just my family.

I'm thinking I have maybe confused my own identity with Australia.


I remember feeling a bit wounded when my mother was negative about McLeod's Daughters.



It's not just a family thing.

I was very touched (to the point of tears) when they played "Mango Tree" on Suburgatory.  My family doesn't watch that.  

I thought of something else.  Maybe it's not just Australian things.

I think it's pretty common to like something and then want other people to like it as well.

It's almost like a type of conquering.  Or a recruitment.   Let's get more Modern Family fans.   Let's get more people reading Harry Potter.  We got my brother--in-law on board The Hunger Games train.  Would he join the Minecraft one as well?   

It's like fandom is a virus we're trying to spread.