Monday, May 28, 2012

Wake Up, Lucius Malfoy

Tim and I watched the finale of Awake tonight. 

For those who don't know about the show, it's about a man who lives within two realities. In one, his son has survived a family car accident.  In the other, it's his wife who has survived.

Is it all a dream?

Is some of it a dream?

Does he exist in two alternate realities?

Has he been touched by Jacob?

Who knows.....

The show has been canceled.

Not that this matters really.  I'm sure if they had eight years to tell the story, we'd probably still be left with a big question mark.

I'm sad it's over, though.  I honestly couldn't imagine how they'd continue to make the show interesting for multiple seasons.  But I really liked the characters. I got a little attached, and now I'm grieving a bit.

In memory of the show I was tempted to sing a bit of "Don't Dream It's Over". The lyrics are kind of fitting for the show. Well, at least the chorus part is.  


I just went googling around a bit.

It seems the show was NOT completely open-ended.

According to the beginning of this Jason Isaacs interview, and this interview with the writer, the show's creators did have some concrete answers in mind.  Although they're not pushy about it. The creators have their beliefs, but are open to people interpreting things differently.

I think it leads to an interesting question. If you create a story with an open-ending, is it best that you have answers in mind? Or should you feel as ambiguous as your audience?