Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Without Lord Wiki's Help

Lord Wiki has been slow about reporting on The Voice Australia's battle rounds.

I've been checking the last few days, and there's nothing.

That's odd.  I'm used to Lord Wiki being so up to date on things.

I decided I'd have to seek information elsewhere.

I went to the official Australia Voice website.   That wasn't helpful.  The site is very video-heavy, and I can't watch the videos from here.  I couldn't find the information I needed...well, wanted.  

Then I remembered iTunes Australia. That has the songs from the battle rounds.

So, from what I see, two Australian songs were sung on the May 1 battle round episode. 

Lakyn Heperi and his opponent sang Angus and Julie Stone's "Big Jet Plane"   It seems, though, that iTunes has the recording of only Heperi singing.  I noticed it's the same with the American show as well.  iTunes doesn't provide the recording of the actual battle.  It's a shame because I think some of the battle rounds sound really great.   

Anyway, I just looked back at the official website for The Voice.   Heperi is on team Joel.  Joel is the American coach.  It's interesting that the American coach picked one of the few Australian songs.    For some reason, though, I kind of expected that to be the case.  I don't know why.

As for the other Australian song.  Let me go see.....

Jimmy Cupples and his opponent sang "Plans" by Birds of Tokyo.   

Mr. Cupples is on Keith Urban's team.  And Keith Urban is Australian.  So Urban is supporting his fellow Aussie musicians.  Good!

Now I'm listening to some of the songs, not just the Australian ones.

Glenn Cummingham sounds overly similar to Adam Levine in his version of "Moves Like Jagger". 

I think Karese Eden has an impressive voice. 

For the most part, I'm awful at judging voices.   In my opinion, they're all great singers.  So it comes down to the song they sing.  If I like the song, I usually like their performance.  If I don't like the song, then I'm not really entertained by the whole thing.

For example, I like Rachael Leahcar singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".   But I love that song.  If she sang a song I didn't like, I might not be as impressed.

One thing I like about The Voice is that in the finals, the last four singers sing their own original compositions.   I think that's important, and wouldn't mind if they made that a requirement even earlier....maybe for the last eight singers?

To me having a good voice is as meaningful as having nice legs, or a pretty face. It's just something you're born with.   I know.   People may argue.  But it's not just inborn talent. You have to work hard at it.   Exercise and train your voice.   The same can be said of physical beauty.  People are born with certain attributes, but they can work to enhance these attributes.

I think people become music stars not because they have a good voice, but because they write songs that we love to hear.  They write songs that make us want to dance and sing along.  They write songs that help us through difficult times, and songs that make us nostalgic for past times.  

It's the whole package that's important—writing, voice, performance, personality, costume, physical appearance, etc. 

Jack and I like to come up with alternate versions of The Voice.  

In one idea we had, it was the opposite of The Voice.  The coaches have to pick their team by looking at the singers.  They can't hear them sing until they press their button. 

I think a celebrity version would be fun.  I imagine it not being singers auditioning, but other types of celebrities who happen to have a good singing voice.   An example might be Stephen Colbert. 

One day I got very juvenile and told Jack my brilliant idea.   There could be a spin-off show called The Burp or The Fart.    The four coach chairs would be turned around.   Then they'd have to listen (and smell); and decide whether or not to turn their chair around for the performer.  

I couldn't stop laughing because I kept imagining the faces of the coaches while judging the farts and burps.   On the American show, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera each have their own unique funny facial expressions and body language.    So....

It's hard to explain.

Maybe people who watch the show might find it funny.

Or probably not.

Jack's a child.  He loves the show.  And even with all that, he wasn't as amused by the idea as I was.

I might have a very immature sense of humor...at least sometimes.     


  1. Your version would certainly be more real than any reality TV show I've seen/heard about. Laugh your head off, Dina, your idea has earned you the right - but no laughing just to cover botty-burps. That would be cheating.

    Do you think there would be a lot of demand for tickets to be in the audience?

  2. Fruitcake:

    Botty Burps.... Thanks for introducing me to a new term!

    Hey, if my idea works out people will no longer be hiding their Botty Burps. They'll shout them out loud and proud.