Saturday, June 9, 2012

American News From Australia

I have three news widget on my iGoogle page.  One is from ABC; one's from The Sydney Morning Herald; and the other is a top news widget from Google itself.  The latter is where I get my American news.  It comes from various sources.

When I looked there a few minutes ago, there was an article from The Australian.   You'd think it would be Australian news. But it's not.   It's about the Miami face-eating attack. Although now it's come to light that it was a face-biting thing and not a face-eating thing. 


The Google news widget has a link which lists all articles about the subject.  There's 234 articles. It's interesting that they put the Australian one on display.

Maybe it's because of me?   It could be one of those customization things.  Although as far as I can remember, the widget doesn't often display things from Australian news sources. 

One of the funniest things I've seen on the Google News widget was an article saying Utah was going to have nice sunny weather. It was so random.   Maybe Google News knows I have a friend in Utah?

I'm joking, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me there's merit to my idea. 

Back to the news thing.

I'm wondering.....

Do any of you use iGoogle on a regular basis?   If you do, what are your favorite widgets?   Do you have any that provide news stories?  

Also....What's your main news source?   How do you keep up to date?   Or do you try to avoid all that? 


  1. If it's iGoogle does that mean it is on an iphone?
    When I finally had no choice more than a year ago I went and got a new phone [cheap, of course]. My first bill had an item called 'data'. I rang the co [from a landline of course] and was asked if I had a teenage son or someone else using the internet.
    Internet? sez I. Is my phone able to use the internet? Yes, sez 'e. Oh well, sez I, cancel that. Can I make international calls on it? Yes, sez 'e... you get the picture.

    And now... back to the news.

    The herald sun has gone tablety, so because someone Other than me subscribed to it I currently flip thru a hard copy. Mostly it's rubbish but Aunty likes to read it anyway so it's getting used. On the net it is now just headlines and a message saying to try the new on-line version, which i don't.

    I subscribe to the Age in hard copy though I often search it online. It's app is iPad only and I refuse to buy an iPad they should make it available for any tablet. It's probably against the trade practices act is what I reckon.
    Then there's SBS and ABC online. What I should do is see if ABC Radio's show 'PM" is available online after the time it airs on the radio so I can actually listen to it without interruption.

    But mainly it's newspapers made of paper.

    If you download an app/widget thingy, how do you know it's safe?

    I've got good security software, but now even google chrome is playing up. I don't need more stress in my life. Which makes me wonder why I bother with the news at all.

  2. Fruitcake:

    I think we're on the same page when it comes to phones.

    That's weird and annoying that The Age works on iPad only.

    I have iGoogle on my laptop. I think it's just personalizing your Google Home page. I don't think you download the widgets. I'm pretty sure you have to be on the internet to use it.

    I could be wrong ?????

    I haven't really yet gotten into the whole phone App thing. Jack downloaded an Australian news app for me, but I rarely looked at it. I wanted something that just gave me headlines when I clicked on it. But this gave me links to the websites of numerous Aussie news sources. I would have to do a series of clicks to learn anything; and I didn't have the patience. It all loaded too slowly. It was easier to just wait until I had my computer.

    Good point about news and stress. There's too many distressing things in the news. If we get too worried, we're paranoid. If we're not worried enough, we're probably in some sort of denial.

  3. They're totally spyin' on you. =)

  4. HappyOrganist,

    I think you're totally right.