Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul Keating, Julian McMahon, and Sharks

At one point, last night, I had a hard time falling back asleep.

Usually when this happens I think of things my parents, siblings, or Tim have done to piss me off in the past days, weeks, months, etc.

Last night I thought obsessively about asylum seekers instead. 

I was half asleep and not completely coherent. 

I had this obsession with Paul Keating, wondering why he started mandatory detention.

I then decided it would be great if I had a time machine so I could visit Australia's past and get all my questions answered first hand.

I decided it would also be nice (and a tiny bit more realistic) if I had access to an Australian library. 

Then finally I fell back asleep.

I dreamed about Paul Keating.

He's making a speech to an audience made up of mostly Aboriginal Australians.   I'm there...observing. The speech is in response to a request for reparations.  The Aborigines want $80,000 from the government.  Paul Keating politely speaks out against this. I'm not sure if I hear him correctly.  But it seems he's saying that the reason this is a bad idea is because the Aboriginal ancestors will be angry. This seems a bit lame to me.

Then Paul Keating brings up a white male child with blond hair.  I get the idea that he's trying to show the Aborigines that this child is innocent, and children shouldn't be blamed for the sins of their father.

The blond child has a smug smile and looks like a brat. I'm thinking Keating should have chosen a different child as his prop.

Then I'm back at home.  I'm wanting to know more about the speech, because I'm wishing to clarify things. I have a booklet printed from the internet.  There's a list of Keating speeches and one of them has angel in the title. I connect that to the speech, I saw, for some reason. The list of speeches are links, but the links won't work since I'm not looking at them on a computer.

 I had other dreams last night.

One was about Julian McMahon.  

Jack and I are going with him to Disneyland.  Jack's in the backseat. I'm driving. I don't want to be driving because I'm horrible at it. I ask Julian McMahon if he'd like to drive.  He thinks I'm just being polite and he's polite back.  He says it's fine if I drive.  He's very nice about it, but I want him to drive.

I keep driving.  It gets worse and worse. I finally tell him to please drive because I'm getting embarrassed. Then he finally gets it and accept the task.

Then there was this dream.....

There are all these lizards in and around our house.  I see one, the size of a water bottle, in our bathroom.  I go out to our pool and see more lizards. Then I notice there are animals swimming in our pool.  They look like sharks or sea lions. I can't tell. I go inside. There's someone there. She makes a sound from the window.  One of the sharks comes up and it's a huge great white shark. I'm a bit terrified. I rush to lock the door but can't manage to do it. I know the shark can't swim out of the pool and come into our house. But I still feel better with the idea that the door is locked.

Later there's all these people swimming in our pool.  It's turned into a big tourist wave pool. I try to tell them that there's sharks, but they don't seem to care.   

It seems that not many people are injured.  I hear vaguely of someone being killed.  But for the most part, people miraculously survive.  

There were more dreams, but I'll stop here.

I will say that there were some dreams within dreams within dreams. It was fun, but a bit confusing.

Who knows.  Maybe writing this blog post is just another dream. That will suck, because I don't want to rewrite all this.