Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard Might Like This

I learned recently that there's a science festival coming up in Sydney.  

It's too bad we're not there now.  I think Jack would like it.

It's August 16-26.

Jack's birthday is on the 20th. If we moved to Australia like I had wanted to, we could have taken him there for his birthday.

But it's okay.  Jack LOVES Fort Worth. 

I love it too, mostly because of the lake house.  For the first time, I managed to do some major fig harvesting. That was fun and delicious. And I believe it counts as a science activity.  

Anyway...back to the science festival.

This event would make for a good episode of The Big Bang Theory.   

And This event reminds me of Sheldon in the ball pit. 

There's also going to be a program about the tiny juice ball things. I've had them only once. They had them at one of our local yogurt shops.  

In Fort Worth (and probably all of America), these yogurt shops have become quite popular.  Or at least prevalent.

You get huge cups, fill them with yogurt and a variety of toppings. Then you pay by weight. 

Are those popular in Australia as well? 

They're fun.  But the cups are too big, the frozen yogurt doesn't taste that great, and I get a little germaphobic sometimes.  


Kate Sparkles said...

I've never heard of those flavor balls or yoghurt shops like that... Now it's true my town would be one of the last to know about anything cool like that, but my brothers are still in Melbourne and it seems like something they'd have mentioned so maybe they arent really a big real here yet?? I'm interested in them though, sounds kind of fun.

Dina said...


Yeah. Maybe they're not popular in Australia yet. It seems here they popped up overnight. There was one, then two....and they kept coming.

I wonder if it will be a lasting thing. Or is it just a fad that will quickly fade away?