Monday, August 6, 2012

So...Now I'm Thinking Melbourne is Absolutely Awesome

We went out with friends yesterday and they waxed poetic about the get on and off double decker tourist buses.

Tim mentioned wanting to see the Presidential memorials at night.  I looked into that and saw this idea would involve a lot of walking from our hotel...even if we took public transport. I don't mind long walks, but I do mind when it's this hot and humid. And Jack minds even more, especially when he's not extremely excited to see the attraction.

So we'd have to take a cab there and back.

Then I thought of the off and on buses. Would they work?

No. They stop running at 6:00 PM.

It got me thinking about the buses, though.

We should use them someday...somewhere.

I'm not sure we'll use them in D.C  We don't have much time left here.  I'm not sure it would be worth it to spend $103 for three 24 hour tickets.  And in some of those hours, we want to visit museums that are not on the stop.

So I thought about Melbourne. Maybe we could buy get on and off bus tickets there.

I googled and found this.    

Melbourne has a get on and off bus.

Guess how much it costs....


It's free.


I think I heard about it before...vaguely.  But the full extent of the good news didn't sink in until now.

The Melbourne City Shuttle has 13 stops. Our 2013 Australia trip is brought to us by the number 13.   So that makes it even more cool. 

There's also a free city circle tram.  

Now that I think of it....

I think this is what I've heard of before.  Maybe the shuttle is new to me.  

I'm getting more and more excited about Melbourne, which is good because we're spending more time there than Sydney.  


FruitCake said...

Dina, I never knew about the free shuttle bus. I don't know how you keep finding interesting things. You're more useful than google.

Melbourne has architectural variety and this extends to the inside of many buildings as well as the exteriors. But just remember, Melbourne is as much about lifestyle as Sydney, only different.

$103 for 3 tickets? Maybe I should stop whingeing about Myki? I would hate that.

Dina said...

I like architectural variety.

If you compare the 103 dollars to what you can get with a day or week pass on a regular government transportation pass; it's a lot.

If you compare it city to city...they're all probably similar.

It's like Sydney Harbour cruises. They're so expensive. Is it really worth it? I think it makes more sense to just take a regular government ferry.

I'm honored to know you learned about the free shuttle on my blog.

If you haven't taken advantage of it by the time we get to Australia...maybe we can accompany you on your virgin journey!

Well, it will be our virgin journey too, of course.

Kate Sparkles said...

Melbourne really is wonderful but I always feel that it's missing that one big think to really attract tourists ( you know, like the Opera house). It's such an amazing city to live in though an all the tourists I've taken around Melbourne have loved it as well. Friends from Europe are always impressed by how big the actual city is, strangely most people don't expect skyscrapers etc from Australia. Then there's the museums, the food, the architecture, the beaches and all the great daytrips close by. I think you will really enjoy it.

Jayne said...

Like Kate Sparkles said, I think Melbourne lacks an attraction with the wow factor of Sydney's Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It's attractions are more subtle.

I sometimes think Melbourne and Sydney are like sisters - Sydney's the beautiful, popular one and Melbourne is the less conventionally attractive one with loads of personality if you take a little time to get to know it.

Dina said...

Kate: I guess people picture the outback and beaches when they think of Australia.

It's like Hawaii. I don't think a lot of people imagine it has a regular city with big buildings there. They picture volcanoes and beaches.

I'm getting more and more excited about Melbourne!

Jayne: I like your sister analogy.

I think you're right about the wow factor. It doesn't have that (for me) at least in terms of photos. I haven't seen a photo of Melbourne that takes my breath away. So I think you have to dig deeper...which would probably mean actually visiting the place.

traceyleigh said...

You will love the free tram much more. It has a running commentary and covers a wide area of the city centre.

I'm so excited to show you my 'home town'. I'll take you for a drive out to where I grew up in the suburbs :-) I'm just so excited that you are coming full stop! Can't wait for Halls Gap :-)

Dina said...


I'll love the free tram more than what? you mean the shuttle?

I'm lost.

I think the best ride will be with you. Are you going to give us a running commentary of the suburbs?

Which one did you grow up in?

I'm super excited to see you guys!!

traceyleigh said...

Yes better than the bus. :-) lol

I can give you a running commentary for sure..I won't stop talking probably for the entire time you are here!

I grew up in Carnegie...Munster Avenue to be precise if you want to google it. It's not too far from St Kilda in the scheme of things. I love that you are going to be staying on that side of inner Melbourne as it is "my side" the one that I am most familiar with and love. It's going to be interesting when we move to the inner northern suburbs to see how I like it and whether it will fill the void of not being able to live on the other side of Melbourne (it's too far from work and too expensive).

Dina said...


I had fun seeing Munster Avenue on Google Maps; and I'm excited to see it in real life.

I also hope to see your new home! When are you moving?

I look forward to your running commentary.

Last night we were singing karaoke. I had this fantasy of you coming to visit. And you would sing Australian songs with me. Not that I'm saying Australians need to sing Australian songs only. But no one in my family knows many Aussie songs (besides Air Supply, probably). So you'd have to fill that void.

Anyway...I miss you. I love you. I can't wait to see you and your family.