Monday, August 6, 2012

So...Now I'm Thinking Melbourne is Absolutely Awesome

We went out with friends yesterday and they waxed poetic about the get on and off double decker tourist buses.

Tim mentioned wanting to see the Presidential memorials at night.  I looked into that and saw this idea would involve a lot of walking from our hotel...even if we took public transport. I don't mind long walks, but I do mind when it's this hot and humid. And Jack minds even more, especially when he's not extremely excited to see the attraction.

So we'd have to take a cab there and back.

Then I thought of the off and on buses. Would they work?

No. They stop running at 6:00 PM.

It got me thinking about the buses, though.

We should use them someday...somewhere.

I'm not sure we'll use them in D.C  We don't have much time left here.  I'm not sure it would be worth it to spend $103 for three 24 hour tickets.  And in some of those hours, we want to visit museums that are not on the stop.

So I thought about Melbourne. Maybe we could buy get on and off bus tickets there.

I googled and found this.    

Melbourne has a get on and off bus.

Guess how much it costs....


It's free.


I think I heard about it before...vaguely.  But the full extent of the good news didn't sink in until now.

The Melbourne City Shuttle has 13 stops. Our 2013 Australia trip is brought to us by the number 13.   So that makes it even more cool. 

There's also a free city circle tram.  

Now that I think of it....

I think this is what I've heard of before.  Maybe the shuttle is new to me.  

I'm getting more and more excited about Melbourne, which is good because we're spending more time there than Sydney.