Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wake Up!

There's a Kookaburra in our house!

No.  Wait. It's just my phone alerting me that I have a message. My sister has sent a video of my niece in dance class.

A month or so before we went to Australia, Jack helped me download a ringtone for my phone.   I chose a Kookaburra call. 

The only problem is, I don't get many phone calls...which is really not a problem since I don't like chatting on the phone.  But I regretted not getting to hear my Kookaburra ringtone. 

Then in Australia, I got to know my phone a bit more.  We bonded.  I learned to do some stuff without Jack's help.  I learned I could use the Kookaburra ringtone for other things. Such as, incoming messages and email.  I do get THOSE things sometimes.  

Also, there were a  couple of mornings in which we had to wake up earlier than we might have without artificial assistance. We needed to set the alarm. I used the Kookaburra as my alarm sound.

It's a pretty cool alarm sound, actually.

In Halls Gap.....

Well, in Halls Gap it turns out there are a lot of Kookaburras.

My ringtone and alarm sound comes naturally out of their mouth.

Every morning at six-something, they'd be making lots of noise.

I would wake up. 

I was always the first one up and out of bed.

I would go on the porch, watch the sunrise, and I'd wait for kangaroos and birds to visit. 

I think maybe part of the reason, I was up first, is I was the most eager to be there. I mean all of us were happy and excited to be there. But I think I was overly extremely happy to be there. I didn't want to waste any daylight minutes in bed.

I also think though that it might have been impossible for me to go back to sleep with the Kookaburra's call. I think by using them as my alarm clock, I had conditioned myself to get out of bed when hearing the call.  

OR maybe I'm reaching here. It's not like I used the alarm several times before.  There probably wasn't enough incidents for my brain to form a strong association.

Maybe it was more about the excited-to-be-there thing.


FruitCake said...

Kookaburras are an excellent choice for an alarm tone! It's good to start your day with a call that never ever fails to bring a smile. Well, a broad grin, really.

Ann ODyne said...

kook-kook-kah-kah-kaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa
So funny when they all go off and then subside into hysterics. it's sort of infectious.
I hope when you were at Halls Gap you got to Zumstein where the kangas are all lolling about on the lawns waiting for the next busload of German tourists to film them.
It's a long way across that Pacific Ocean - so glad you got home safe. x x

Dina said...

Fruitcake: Yes! It's a great sound to wake up to. It's fun, and also very classic Australian.

Ann ODyne: Thank you! : ) Did we go to Zumstein? I'm not sure. Is that in the town?

HappyOrganist said...

Cool that you were that happy to be there. That strikes me as romantic, for some reason.

I haven't used an alarm on my phone (I think it has one). I always tell my husband that he can call me (when I go to the store or church or whatever. "call me and make my phone ring") - and it is really just so I can hear the ringtone. hahaha

HappyOrganist said...

you know what I really want is for it to ring in the middle of a church meeting. ('cause they're def leppard clips.)

Dina said...



I don't know why you think it is romantic; but I love that you do.

That's a good idea about getting your husband to call...make your phone ring.

I didn't know you like Def Leppard. And yeah that would be cool if your phone rang during a church meeting?

Do people's phones often ring there? Or do people turn them off?