Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wake Up!

There's a Kookaburra in our house!

No.  Wait. It's just my phone alerting me that I have a message. My sister has sent a video of my niece in dance class.

A month or so before we went to Australia, Jack helped me download a ringtone for my phone.   I chose a Kookaburra call. 

The only problem is, I don't get many phone calls...which is really not a problem since I don't like chatting on the phone.  But I regretted not getting to hear my Kookaburra ringtone. 

Then in Australia, I got to know my phone a bit more.  We bonded.  I learned to do some stuff without Jack's help.  I learned I could use the Kookaburra ringtone for other things. Such as, incoming messages and email.  I do get THOSE things sometimes.  

Also, there were a  couple of mornings in which we had to wake up earlier than we might have without artificial assistance. We needed to set the alarm. I used the Kookaburra as my alarm sound.

It's a pretty cool alarm sound, actually.

In Halls Gap.....

Well, in Halls Gap it turns out there are a lot of Kookaburras.

My ringtone and alarm sound comes naturally out of their mouth.

Every morning at six-something, they'd be making lots of noise.

I would wake up. 

I was always the first one up and out of bed.

I would go on the porch, watch the sunrise, and I'd wait for kangaroos and birds to visit. 

I think maybe part of the reason, I was up first, is I was the most eager to be there. I mean all of us were happy and excited to be there. But I think I was overly extremely happy to be there. I didn't want to waste any daylight minutes in bed.

I also think though that it might have been impossible for me to go back to sleep with the Kookaburra's call. I think by using them as my alarm clock, I had conditioned myself to get out of bed when hearing the call.  

OR maybe I'm reaching here. It's not like I used the alarm several times before.  There probably wasn't enough incidents for my brain to form a strong association.

Maybe it was more about the excited-to-be-there thing.