Monday, June 30, 2014

Air Supply Superstar

Today I was offended while playing QuizUp.

I was doing a music category and there was a question asking what Aussie band met while doing Jesus Christ Superstar.

The answer was Air Supply. I learned something new. So that was nice.

The problem I had was with the wording of the question. I forgot the exact words, but I think it was along the lines of, What DREADFUL Aussie band met while doing Jesus Christ Superstar?

I was offended on a personal level because I like Air Supply. I grew up with them. We listened to them on a family driving trips. 

I was very excited to see them a few years ago at Disney World.  

Even if I didn't like them, I think...well, I hope I'd still be offended. I don't think a trivia game needs to be inserting their strong opinions into the game.  From what I know, QuizUp invites people to submit questions. Well, I know this because months ago I tried submitting questions about Australia. So someone who doesn't like Air Supply submitted some questions. I think QuizUp should have done some censoring and/or editing.  

I think this is the first time I've seen such an opinionated question.  

Anyway, back to the Jesus Christ Superstar thing. I'm looking at the Air Supply bio page. It says the two singers met in 1975, in Sydney Australia, on the set of the musical. I wonder if they had some of the bigger roles?  Or maybe they were in the chorus?

You know what. I might guess they were in the chorus, or had one of the minor roles. Because otherwise I'd imagine they'd say something like Russell Hitchcock was playing Jesus (or Judas or Peter or King Herod...or whatever)

I could be wrong, though.   

So...what about you? Do you like Air Supply? Love them? Hate them?  Have no idea who they are? And what do you feel about trivia questions, is it okay for strong opinions to be part of the question?  


  1. Not favourites of mine. I just don't like that sort of music. It might have helped if they were cute, but I never thought so.

  2. Andrew....

    So what are some of your favorite Australian singers?

  3. I can't say I have any now, but most of the glam rock bands of the seventies and eighties. Skyhooks have a special place, as they were very Melbourne and I listen to one of the former members on the radio on weekday mornings, Red Symons. I'm not much of one for music realised.

  4. Andrew: It's too bad you corrected yourself. I would have spent much of the day wondering "I'm not much for music what does that mean?" I'd probably be looking through Aussie dictionaries.

  5. Confession time. I've been to see Air Supply in concert twice, most recently last July.

    I didn't like them when they became popular. I rediscovered them in the early 2000s. This was because there wasn't much new music being released at that time that I liked.

    They seem to be one of those bands that you don't admit to liking. They still have a big fan base here in Australia.

  6. Ross,

    Well, I'm glad you admitted it. I didn't know there was any shame involved until I read the question on Quiz Up. I wonder if it's as shameful in the US as it is in Australia.

    My family liked them a lot. I probably wrote that on the post you commented on, but I'm too lazy to check. So I may be repeating myself.