Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cookie Again

I'm reading a lovely indie book that takes place in Australia. Band of Gold by Maggie Christenson

In the book, the protagonist makes chocolate chip COOKIES. Not biscuits. Cookies. It's the same thing that happened on Offspring.

So is the word cookie being used there more?

One thing I'm wondering is if it's used when eating the chocolate chip version of the baking product.

Maybe chocolate chip cookies are associated with the United States so when Australians eat those, they say cookies?

Or am I wrong? Maybe chocolate chip cookies aren't American.

Okay...well, Lord Wiki agrees with me. He says they originated in my country.

So maybe some Australians are saying chocolate chip cookie, but maybe they wouldn't say, please give me a Tim Tam cookie.  

If you are Australian, what do you say? Do you ever use the word cookie? And do you associate chocolate chip...whatevers...with the USA?