Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Borrowing Money Synchronicity

I think it's interesting when two shows I watch, in the same day, have similar plots.

On both Home and Away and The Secret Life of Us, a person is used for their money to help keep a business afloat.

Each story involved three people—the one who needs the money, the one who has the money, and the person who's against the exchange of money.

Well, on Home and Away, both Lance and Martin need the money for their hot dog stand. Martin wants to get the money from Marilyn, Lance's girlfriend. Lance has too much integrity to take money from her. Though he'd probably be okay borrowing the money if Martin wasn't involved. See... Martin has a habit of using people for their money and then losing their money. He's close to being a con artist.

On The Secret Life Of Us, a mysterious ex-girlfriend comes back to town. The boyfriend is happy. His friends are not. Apparently, she's hurt her man in the past.

She comes back. He assumes it's for love. Oh wait. Can she borrow a little money?

How much?


He gives it to her.

His best friend isn't too happy about that and scolds him heavily. The money-giver gets defensive.

Then we cut to the next scene. Money-giver and Money-taker are making out. Sex might happen.

Sex doesn't happen.

Money-taker has something to tell Money-giver. She has a boyfriend. She's not available for romance. Of course she tells him that AFTER she has the money from him.

It's all quite convenient.

The crazy thing is, he still lets her keep the money...even though, in her manipulative way, she says he can take it back.

It's crazy, but understandable.

The thing about unrequited love is you end up letting yourself get used.