Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doormats Kicking Ass

So far, I'm really liking The Secret Life of Us.

I like a certain theme that keeps popping up. Someone is treated like crap. They let it go on for awhile. Then they stand up for themselves in a biting and eloquent way. It's quite lovely.

Then there's Jason. He's treated decently by people, but he treats them like crap. Or at least this is the way the jerk behaves towards his wife. Then he's the one who stands up for himself. It's really unfair. But there ARE people like that in the world. They do you wrong, and then when you get mad, they twist things around to make themselves the victim.

It can be incredibly frustrating.

And I wonder....Do they really see themselves as the victim? Or are they just very clever at manipulation?