Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Knowing Melbourne

Well, sometimes I have doubts that I can write a book that takes place partly in Melbourne. I feel much more comfortable with Sydney.


Today I took a FunTrivia quiz about Melbourne and got 100%. So I'm feeling a little bit more confident.

Maybe a little cocky.

Don't worry. It won't last. Later I'll do awful on a FunTrivia quiz and my head size will be back to normal.


Andrew said...

I got the first one wrong, because I thought it was too obvious. Melbourne must have named very early in QV's reign.

Dina said...


Good that you got the rest right.

I probably guessed on the first one, but educated guess because there's so much Victoria stuff in Australia. Well, I can actually only think of three off the top of my head, but they're pretty significant.