Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Learned From Home and Away This Week

Here's the important lesson from my recent viewing of Home and Away:

If you walk into a room and see your significant other kissing someone else, don't automatically assume they're cheating on you.

The kiss might be forced on them. Ask Pippa Fletcher!

Though I think sometimes you can get the true picture by watching.

But yeah. Stick around to watch for a few minutes. Don't just see the kiss and rush off...especially if you have a weak heart and are due for a second stroke.

If you stick around to watch the kiss end, you'll see what comes next. Are there declarations of love? Are items of clothing willingly removed?

Or does your loved one slap the kisser? Yell?  Kick him in the crotch?

Then there's another lesson I learned. If a kiss is forced on you by a jerk; then later your significant other acts distant and angry, maybe consider that he saw that kiss. OR someone saw that kiss and told your husband.

You can learn a lot of valuable lessons from soap operas.