Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Club For Down Under Moms

My dream last night:

I see that someone's bag has a sticker that says something like Down Under Moms. I think about this club and how America does more for Australian immigrants than they do for others.  I figure this must mean Australia and America have a strong partnership.  But then I start questioning that. I think of other groups of immigrants and how they have special clubs as well. I also consider that maybe America didn't create the Down Under Moms club for Australians. Maybe the Australian immigrants created it themselves. 

You know I was sitting there thinking about the dream and wondering what it meant. I figured maybe Australia and America represented people and not countries. It's the idea of believing a person gets special privileges and then realizing maybe they were't handed the privilege. Maybe they got it for themselves.

Now I'm thinking the dream was inspired by the episode of McLeod's Daughter's I watched yesterday. Becky has a new fancy saddle that she plans to use for the female horse race. Jodi is jealous and assumes Becky's new rich boyfriend gave it to her. Becky tries to quiet Jodi's complaining by letting her use the saddle during the race. Then at the end, we learn Becky didn't get the saddle from her rich boyfriend. She bought it herself with money she had been saving for awhile. 

Although in the dream I wasn't jealous of Australians for getting the imagined special privileges. It was more of an observation...a misunderstood observation.