Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday!

I just learned from Instagram that it's Melbourne's birthday.

So happy birthday, Melbourne!

You're 179 years old.

What happened 179 years ago to make this your birthday? Was something signed? Made official?

This website might help me answer some of my questions.

August 30, 1935 was a settling day.  I guess it's when the settler's arrived?

Although Australia Day is January 26 and the settlers came days before then. Well, the convicts and the officers at least—do they still count as settlers?

Anyway, I hope Melbourne has a fun birthday.

I hope she gets better gifts than Andrew's blog post.  Although I do see he posted it on the 29th.  He posted it on the birthday-eve which is better than posting it on the actual birthday.

It reminds me, though, of when I got into a big fight with Tim on his birthday. It was awful. I felt really bad. Though I felt my anger was quite righteous, it was such bad timing.  I couldn't have done the night-before thing like Andrew did. Well, because Tim didn't do the thing that made me angry yet. But what I should have done is smiled, held in my anger, and then brought it up the next day.

Speaking of birthdays. Tim just told me it's dinner soon. I asked what are we eating, and he said it's a birthday dinner do-over.  He's referring to Jack whose birthday was nine days ago. But we're still celebrating because we haven't done the big family celebration yet. That's this Sunday.

Birthdays are stretched out in our family. Sometimes. So maybe I would have needed to wait weeks before bringing up my anger with Tim.

Anyway, we don't need a dinner do-over. That went well. What we need is a breakfast do-over. Tim made waffles for Jack and they had an awful bitter taste.

Well, maybe Tim made breakfast-for-dinner?

I'm curious. I need to go down and see.