Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jazmine Jayne

Yesterday when looking for covers of "Flame Trees" I found a YouTube singer named Jazmine Jayne. I liked her singing, and wanted to see more. So I bookmarked her page.

Now I'm going to go back to it.

Her YouTube page has some links. I think I'll look at those before I get to her singing.

She has a blog but hasn't updated it in over a year.

Back in the beginning of 2013, she was trying to smile more, and she was trying to be more honest. That's pretty cool.

From her Instagram account, I'm getting the idea that she's in Europe now.

Here's a photo of her departing for her Europe trip. It looks like she might be with her family, and that man in the picture is the one who played the guitar when she sang "Flame Trees". Is it her dad? If it's her dad helping her with her music videos...that is so incredibly sweet and supportive. Well, and I guess she's being sweet and supportive back by helping him show off his guitar skills.

She has a cool photo of black shoes.

Ah! The man in the photo is the guitar guy. She has a Father's Day post for him.

I think now I'll start watching the videos. She does a lot of Australian songs, so I'll probably stick to those for the most part. But I might listen to one or two British and/or American songs.

Here's her singing Missy Higgin's "The Sound of White". You know, it's actually a song I haven't heard many times. Although I do remember it's about Higgin's cousin dying.  It's really sad.

In this one, her dad's not playing the guitar. Some young guy is doing the job. It's a bit loud. I think it kind of overpowers the singing.

Here's an original song. It's called, "Don't You Dare". Her dad's playing the guitar in this one.

I like it. The guitar seems loud again to me. I wonder if all the videos are like this, and I just didn't notice yesterday.

I think it's so sweet that she and her dad make these videos together.

I think she does a very good job with this song. I hope it gets more views. Right now it's at 174. I think it should be much more popular.

Ah...before I mentioned British and American music. I neglected the Kiwis. She has some of their songs on their. I'm so small-minded sometimes.

This might be another original song. It doesn't say original song like the other did, but it also doesn't list a musical artist as the other covers do. The title is "James Franco". I guess that's referring to the actor?  You know, I have a really hard time with his name. Whenever I try to talk about him to Tim, I totally blank and have to start listing his movie credits to clarify who I'm talking about. But at least when I see his name, I do know who he is.

Anyway, I looked up James Franco song and there is one by a group named Hoodie Allen. But it has different lyrics, so I think Jazmine Jayne's song might be her own creation.

This video has a background singer who also plays the keyboard.

I think the song has a catchy tune. I'm not sure I get the meaning. Is she expressing her love for James Franco, or saying her love is like James Franco?

Here's  another Missy Higgins song. "Sweet Arms of a Tune" This time Jazmine Jayne plays the guitar for herself. I think it's cool that she mixes it up a bit.

I think she does a good job with the song.

Here she does a Vance Joy song. "Riptide". I really like this song.

Jazmine Jayne is very cute when she smiles.  So it's good she was planning to smile more. I hope life gives her a lot to smile about, so the smiles don't have to be forced. I mean it's nice to want to smile more, but even better if you smile because you're really happy.

I'm wondering...Is Vance Joy very popular in Australia? Sometimes I listen to music and I wonder if the singers I'm liking are very popular or more obscure.

I guess I could Google....

Oh! Wow. He is quite popular. Lord Wiki says "Riptide" was voted the #1 song in 2013.

And guess what! He's coming to my part of the world in October! Very cool. If I was the type to go to concerts, I'd totally go. But I'm kind of not.

I'm looking at his tour dates now. He's in Canada today.  In September, he's going to the United Kingdom. Then in October, he's starting his US tour in Dallas! He's going to be at this club. I seriously doubt I'll go. I don't go to clubs. I don't live that kind of life. But still.... I'm keeping it in mind.

I wouldn't want to deal with Friday traffic to Dallas.

It's easier to just listen to the songs on Spotify.

 I'm lazy when it comes to music.

Here's another Missy Higgins cover. "The Special Two" I love this song.

I think Jazmine Jayne looks a bit like Shelley Duvall, which makes sense, because yesterday I said she reminds me of Cristin Milloti. Milloti reminds me of Duvall.

Here's a cover of Australian Crawl's "Reckless". The guy playing the guitar is the same one who was playing too loudly last time. And again...I think it's too loud.

The song reminds me of Puberty Blues. They played this song in a promo for the show.

I'm trying to find the promo on YouTube, and am not having success yet. Maybe I dreamed it.

Well, maybe not. I Googled and found a Facebook page for a guy named James Reyne and someone asks if it's his version of "Reckless" that's on the Puberty Blues" promo.


Now I feel really stupid. James Reyne is the lead singer of Australian Crawl. I thought he was some other singer doing a cover version.

Anyway...I like the song.

I'm going to quit soon, but I think I'll listen to one American song. How about Ring of Fire?

I love that song.

I think Jazmine Jayne does well with it, but again...the guitar is a bit too loud. Though it's not the loud guitar-player playing. She's doing it herself.