Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Rapist

In the second episode of Come in Spinner, Justine Clarke's character is raped by an American soldier.

The thing is I got confused and...I don't know. Sometimes I'm not good with faces. And I guess I didn't notice the accent.

I don't know what my excuse is, or where my brain was, but I thought the rapist was another character.

I thought the rapist was the ex-boyfriend of Rebecca Gibney's character—Clarke's onscreen sister. 

Because of this, I interpreted a huge chunk of the movie completely wrong.

I kept waiting for Clarke to cry out to her sister. He raped me! She never did—even when she was sent to live with "the rapist" and his mother. She didn't protest. I thought maybe she was so broken, she didn't have the strength to protest. I figured, though, that eventually the truth would come out.

Then I watched the last episode and the victim had this warm and tender moment with "the rapist". She didn't seem mad at all. I was thinking, maybe the attitude towards rape was different in those days. Maybe women just accepted it as part of life.

Then the last scene had a sweet moment with "the rapist" and Rebecca Gibney getting back together. I was totally not on board with this, but was thinking we have only about two minutes left. Are they really going to leave with happily ever after with the younger sister's rapist?

Okay, but by then I started thinking maybe my eyes had made a mistake. So I went back and found the rape scene. That's when I found out "the rapist" wasn't the rapist.  

I was thinking a similar thing happened to me recently. It was with the movie Divergent. A character died and Tim and I both thought the same character had already died in another scene. But it was just another case of mistaken identity.