Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where Are You, Dr. Who?

I was just looking at the news and saw there was a UFO spotted in Melbourne. It had flashing colorful lights.

This week a woman in Pennsylvania saw a UFO as well.

A commenter on the Pennsylvania article provides a link to a blog where a bunch of people talk about seeing a similar UFO, and they discuss various theories about what it is.

It's kind of exciting. Though someone will probably come along and ruin things with a reasonable scientific explanation. Or the story won't advance beyond a slightly interesting unsolved mystery.

I'm sitting here wanting it to be much more—an exciting science-not-fiction adventure.

Then after the initial thrill is gone, and we're enslaved by the aliens, I'll sit around deeply regretting my wish.

They could be nice aliens, though. Although I think in cases where the aliens are good-natured, they keep hidden. Like ET, Or The Third Rock from the Sun aliens.

Are there any stories in which aliens come to Earth, make their presence known worldwide, and it doesn't end up that they plan to eat, kill, or enslave us all?