Thursday, September 18, 2014

Matthew Le Nevez

Matthew Le Nevez played Patrick on Offspring.  I also saw him on Love My Way. He played a police officer in one or more episodes—a police officer who lost his gun.  Then once when I was watching Home and Away or Neighbours on YouTube, the uploader had left in some ads (which they usually didn't do). Le Neves was in one of them. I thought that was probably the reason why the uploader didn't edit out the ads. Or it could have been an accident, and Le Nevez's appearance was just a lucky coincidence.

As for Patrick on Offspring, his death was one of the two scariest I've seen in Australian television. He got hit by a car, which is not too unusual for Australian TV characters. I can think of two others offhand who died that way. But with them, the accident and injuries were offscreen. The thing that was so unnerving about Patrick was he seemed fine after being hit.  He could walk and talk—didn't look really injured at all.  Then he was in the car with Nina, started saying things that don't make sense, and then he collapsed.

It was awful. Death is awful, but I think it's extra scary and terrible when it results from something that seems trivial and harmless.  

Plus, there's the fact that Matthew Le Neves is quite nice-looking.  I'm not saying I'd be less sad and traumatized if he was ugly. I'm just saying I would have liked for him to stay on the show so I could continue looking at him.

Also, I liked Patrick and Nina together.  I think maybe it would have been fun watching them become new parents together.

On the bright side, to my surprise, the season with Nina sans Patrick was quite wonderful. And who knows, maybe Patrick and Nina as parents would be boring. Or maybe the writers would have tried to spice things up by turning Patrick into a jerk. Maybe it's better to end a TV relationship with death rather than turning a character to shit.  Oh yeah. And the other good thing is, we still got to keep looking at Patrick, because Nina had visions of him. Or hallucinations?  Or maybe it was his ghost. I'm not sure. But for about half of the season, Le Nevez made nice little appearances.

Now I'm going to try to learn more about Le Nevez. 

I'm starting with his bio on IMDb. 

Le Nevez was born in 1979 in Canberra. That's very cool. It makes me love him all the more. I don't think many celebrities are born in Canberra.

He went to the French-Australia School, which is a preschool. I don't think it's often that I learn what preschool a celebrity attended. 

The name Le Nevez sounds French to me. Maybe that's why he went to a French school. I wonder if he's bilingual? And what about his parents? Did they speak French? Or did they have French ancestry?

Maybe I'm wrong about all this. I mean not everything, but the preschool. IMDb says that Le Nevez went to French-Australia school, and there IS a preschool called French-Australian in Canberra. However, I just looked up his primary school (Telopea Park School) and that's French-Australian.  I think that's what IMDb was that I look more closely at the punctuation. They say, He was born in Canberra in 1979 and attended The French-Australian School, Telopea Park School and St Edmund's College.   If they were saying what I originally thought they were saying,  there would be a comma after Telopea Park School.

That's not to say Le Nevez didn't attend the French-Australian Preschool. But I don't think IMDb, Lord Wiki, or any site often talks about a person's preschool education.

Telopea Park School has a secondary school, but IMDb says Le Nevez attended St. Edmunds College. I wonder why he switched. Or maybe Telopea didn't have a secondary school back then?

Maybe Le Nevez was over learning French and wanted to stop the bilingual stuff.

I don't know.....

Last from IMDb bio page: Le Nevez did what seems to be required of all Australian actors. He attended NIDA.

One day I'm going to need to write a post about NIDA.  You know what I'm wondering. Do they have American accent classes at NIDA?  It seems a lot of Australian actors are good at the accent.  Or do they just learn on their own from watching American television and movies?

Well, I was just about to go get dressed for our zoo trip. But I was too lazy to stand. You know when you're on your computer; and you know you should get up and do something; yet instead you procrastinate and keep looking at things.

So I looked again at Telopea Park School's website, and I saw their secondary school goes only up to year 10. Le Nevez probably switched to St. Edmunds for year 11 and 12.

Now I'm going to look at Le Nevez' filmography. I probably won't talk about everything he's been in, but I'll talk about some stuff.

Le Nevez' first screen thing was an appearance in 2000, in the second season of Farscape. You know...I get that show confused with Firefly.

I was wondering which one had Claudia Black, and thought it was Firefly. But no. It's Farscape.

In Farscape, Le Nevez played a character called Caveman Crichton. That's an interesting name. Was he a caveman?

Oh! There's a guy named Crichton on the show, and he's one of the main characters. I skimmed through a review of the episode.  It's something to do with cloning. I guess Le Nevez played one of the clones?

I just Googled Caveman Crichton and Farscape and got this photo.  It's really hard to see Nina's loverboy in that photo, but I'm guessing that it IS Le Nevez.

I was wondering. If they're cloning this Crichton guy, why not get the Crichton actor to play him? But I think I know why. With the caveman make-up, you can't tell who the actor is anyway.'s kind of like if they have stunt actors, why not make-up actors? Instead of making the star of the show endure the make-up, get someone else to do it.

I'm skipping some stuff, and am now at 2002's Garage Days.  This was directed by Alex Proyas, the guy who brought us Dark City and The Crow.  It's about a garage band trying to find success.

I watched the trailer.  I didn't see Le Nevez. I think his part in the movie might be small. But I liked the tagline of the film. What if you got your big break, and you just plain sucked? I bet that happens to a lot of people.

Also in 2002, Le Nevez was in a show I've written about lately. MDA—the one with Jason Donovan, Kerry Armstrong, and maybe someone else. It's about medical lawyers. Le Neves was in four episodes in season 1.

Maybe one of the episodes will be on YouTube. I shall check.....

I found it.  I'm going to forward through and find out man.

It's Punk-Rocker Patrick!  He appears at 20:26.

In 2003, Le Nevez was in The Postcard Bandit.  It's the story of a real life bank robber, Brenden Abbott. Did he send postcards?

Lord Wiki says no. The story was that he sent postcards of Western Australia to the police. But Lord Wiki says what really happened is he had pictures that he was going to send to his family.  But he lost them, and the police got them. I wonder which story is in the movie.

Le Nevez doesn't play the bank robber. He plays a game named Aaron Reynolds. This article mentions Reynolds. They say Brenden Abbott escaped prison with him.  The article takes the route of the postcard story rather than the lost photo one.

Here's the trailer. I think someone filmed it off their computer screen, which is fine.  Not all of us are tech savy.

Before we had Punk-Rocker Patrick. Now we have Bank-Robber Patrick.

Simon Burke is in the movie. I imagine a lot of people are probably happy about that. The guy's pretty popular. I get a fair bit of traffic coming via my post about him.

I almost missed something important. I was going to skip over this TV miniseries called Marking Time, because I couldn't find a trailer. I thought it might be a small thing, and I guessed that Le Nevez had a small part.  I'm glad I took the time to listen to Lord Wiki.  It turns out Le Nevez won an AFI television award—best actor for a supporting or guest role.

The miniseries was about Afghan refugees around the the time of 9/11. Here's an article about it. A rural high school kid falls in love with an Afghan refugee who is attending his high school.

Le Nevez's character in the show is called Bullet Sheather. I was wondering what that meant. The article gave me the answer. In this movie, we get dope-dealer Patrick.

In 2004, Le Nevez was in a movie called Peaches. Emma Lung is in that. A few day ago, I started watching her in The Straits.  I thought she looked so familar, and then saw her name. Oh yeah. Emma Lung! I recognized her name and her face, but when I looked at her filmography, nothing popped out at me as something I know. But Hugo Weaving is in Peaches, and I've written a post about him. Maybe I wrote about this movie, and that's when I saw Emma Lung.

Here's the trailer.  Emma Lung's character is like Harry Potter, but instead of her parents getting killed by Voldemort, they get killed in a car accident.

And she's probably not a wizard.

Le Nevez can be seen in the trailer at about :47. I'm not sure which version of Patrick this is. Maybe Factory-Worker Patrick?

He can also be seen at 1:17. He says, Life's a risk. Have you ever taken a risk?  

I was trying to answer that question, but then I realized he's not making sense. I mean the answer is right there. LIFE is a risk. So if you're alive, you're taking a risk. Every time you leave your house, you take a risk. Almost every time you eat something, you're taking a risk. Especially if you're eating something at a restaurant. Who knows if the cooks wash their hands after touching the raw chicken and before hand-mixing your spinach salad.

2004 is the year Le Nevez was on Love My Way.  He was in one episode, and it was before my other most terrifying fictional Aussie character death happened on that show.

Love My Way not only provides us with Police-Officer Patrick, but also Loser-Patrick. I didn't find him very attractive in this show. I think physical appearance is not what it's all about.  An actor can have a nice body and facial features, but I think their sex appeal is often heavily determined by the character they're playing.

How often do we have crushes, or any attraction, to male models we see on billboards? Or in a catalogue? Commercials? I don't think it happens often.

How much of Patrick's popularity comes from his appearance, and how much comes from his character?  Matthew Le Nevez is a handsome man, but I think his level of hotness will be determined by the character he's playing.

In 2005, Le Nevez was in a swamp monster movie called Man-Thing. It looks like he played the main character—a sheriff.  This was one of those American movies made in Australia. I'm guessing Le Nevez used an American accent.

Here's the trailer. It's a Marvel thing.

It looks like 2005 was the year of Le Nevez in horror movies. He was also in a movie called Feed. The premise sounds interesting. The villain in the movie force feeds people to death and then puts their picture up on the internet.

Here's the trailer. It looks very bizarre. I don't think I saw Le Nevez.

I wonder what's worse—to be starved by your captor or force fed outrageous amounts of food?  It's like one of those Would You Rather questions.

In 2006, Le Nevez was in a TV movie with Asher Keddie! I had no idea.  The movie is called The Society Murdersand it's based on the true story of Melbourne socialites who are murdered by their son. Le Nevez plays that son.

What about Asher Keddie?

She plays Prue Reed. According to Google, Reed is mentioned in this article; so I'll read it.

Oh! Reed!  Patrick Reed!  So Asher Keddie had the last name Reed in a movie, while acting with the man who'd someday become Patrick Reed.

But anyway, if I'm understanding things right, Asher Keddie and Le Nevez were siblings in this film. Or maybe step-siblings. The killer Le Nevez plays in the film is Matthew Wales. He murdered his mother and step-father.

Here's a scene with Keddie and Le Nevez.  It's interesting. The movie looks good. Le Nevez seems very sad while talking to Keddie, which makes him seem kind of sympathetic. He seems to be a sad conflicted murderer rather than a happy crazed one.

Also in 2006, Le Nevez was in the movie Emulsion. It's about a TV star who causes a hit and run accident.

Here's the trailer.  It's...different. Instead of showing scenes from the movie, an actor is talking to the viewer and warning us about oral sex. Oral sex and carbonated wine? I'm confused.

I watched it again. It's called the Champaign blow job. I'll let you fill in the details with your imagination. I'm wondering, though. Does it have to be an alcoholic beverage. Why couldn't you use Sprite or Coke?

In 2007, Le Nevez was in a short film called What They Don't Know. I see it's on YouTube, but I'm going to watch it a bit later.

Emma Lung is in it too.

Then in 2008, Le Nevez reunited with another star from Peaches.  In The Tender Hook, we get Boxing-Patrick.

Here's the trailer. Le Nevez has some romance with Rose Byrne.

I like 1920's Boxer Patrick.

In 2011, Le Nevez was in another short film with Emma Lung! Maybe they're friends. Or more than friends?

I suppose they could just be two people who happen to work together sometimes.

This movie was called Deserted, and it's on Vimeo. Maybe I'll watch it later.

Also in 2011, Le Nevez started his work on Offspring!  And that's when he played Patrick-Patrick, also known as Anesthesiologist-Patrick.

In 2012, Le Nevez was in the mini-series Howzat! Kerry Packer's War.  I plan to watch that someday on Hulu.   Kerry Packer was played by Lachy Hulme who was simultaneously playing Patrick's best friend on Offspring.

The mini-series, as many of you know, is based on true people. Le Nevez' character is Dennis Lillee. Lord wiki says Lillee was a cricket player. Was because he's no longer playing; not because he's deceased.

Here's the trailer for the mini-series. In the movie, Lillee is a still-playing cricket player.

After Patrick became an angel in heaven, Le Nevez starred in a movie called Parer's War. Kerry Packer had his war; now it's Parer's turn.

The movie is about Damien Parer, an Australian war-photographer. Tim would probably be interested in this movie. He's so interested in photography lately. He watches a lot of videos about photography, and says many of them are done by Australians. We're starting to think that photography is a big thing in Australia. Or maybe it's just that Australian photographers are more likely to make videos about their profession.

Here's a trailer for Parer's War.

World War II photographer-Patrick might even be sexier than Patrick-Patrick.

I hope they'll have this movie on Hulu someday.

I'm done with the filmography! Hallelujah!  Not that I didn't have a fabulous time, but it's getting late. We're having dinner soon. Then we have to watch Dr. Who. And I have to put laundry away. After or between all that, I'll spend some more time with Le Nevez.

Speaking of Le Nevez, I think I dreamed about him. It was sweet. There was a group of people. We were sitting down to watch something, and Le Nevez requested that I sit next to him. Or maybe it wasn't Le Nevez. It could have been someone else. But who's going to argue with me? How could they prove me wrong? Plus, I knew, when I went to bed, that he's be the one I'd be writing about in the morning. So he was on my mind. Though that doesn't really mean much. I have David Tennant on my mind a lot since we watch him every night on Dr. Who.  Have I dreamed about HIM yet? Nope.

I haven't done Dr. Who or dinner yet. OR the laundry. But I did get up to pee. That's an accomplishment.

Before I go and eat, I'm going to see what Lord Wiki has to say about Le Nevez.


Le Nevez's birthday is January 10.

He started his NIDA adventure at the age of seventeen.

His parents raised him with lots of love and support.  If Jack gets famous and Lord Wiki talks about him, I hope Tim and I are described in the same way.

Lord Wiki says Le Nevez has a partner named Michelle Smith. They have a son together named Levi. When I was Googling earlier, I think I saw some articles about that. So if I have time, I'll learn more about Le Nevez as a daddy.

Lord Wiki says that Le Nevez starred in a Tourism Australia commercial with Sibylla Budd; directed by Baz Luhrmann.  I'm watching it now, and wondering if I've seen it before.  Yeah. I think I have.  I watched in back in the days when I didn't know of Sibylla Budd or Matthew Le Nevez.

Lord Wiki says that although Le Nevez left Offspring to come to America, he has joined the cast of an Australian show Love Child.  I think, in other words, Le Nevez couldn't find good work in the US, but he can find very good work in Australia.

Though it's exciting to imagine Le Nevez in the same country as me, I like when he's in Australia making Australian stuff.

I think I'll watch the short films now. I'll start with What They Don't Know.

So far there's a violent man attacking an elderly man. Then we're told when the violent man was a child he had mean teachers who smirked at him. Is that why he turned violent?

The violent man might be Le Nevez, but I can't tell because he's wearing a hoodie.

The hoodie is gone. I think it's Le Nevez. It's kind of hard to tell, because he has a beard.

Yes. It's him.  They showed him in a flashback, without a beard.

The movie shows this guy being violent, and the scenes are intercut with flashbacks about his pre-violence days, and a narrator tells us what his victims don't know. Hence the title.

You could do that with any film or TV show. Like on Offspring. You could show Nina and Patrick kissing, and then have this narrator come on and say What they don't know is that Patrick ate a black bean taco for lunch, and now he has gas and he worries he might fart during sex.  

I was about to admit I think this movie is rather stupid. But then there was a scene that changed my mind. Violent-With-Flashbacks Patrick goes into this woman's home. She starts screaming. I thought she was a stranger to him, and he was an attacker. But then....what she didn't know, and what I didn't know is that the woman used to be his lover. And she was the love of his love.  That made me feel sad.  It reminds me of The Hypnotists's Love Story. 

It's really sad and tragic that Patrick died, and Nina has to live life without him. But it's also very sad when someone doesn't die, just the love does. And it's often very pathetic. Just get over it! Sometimes that's easier said than done.  Not that I condone stalking. And I'm definitely against stalking that turns violent and harassive.  But I can have sympathy for those who can't let go of their past love, nor the hope that the love will be reborn.

Now I'm going to watch part 2 of the film.

I'm having a hard time understanding it.

I want to say the movie is stupid (minus the one scene that touched my sad heart) but it could be me that's dumb.

Now there's a child and Matthew Le Nevez is hugging her.  I guess he rescued her. And I think the narrator is the child, as an adult, looking back. Throughout the film, she keeps telling us what he, she, they, etc. don't know. Then at the end she says, But what I will always know is he has done this for me. That he has changed my life and no matter what they say about him, I will always love him.

I love the last scene and I love the last lines. But I feel lost, and I don't want to feel lost. I want to understand the movie and love it.

I think the girl he rescues is his daughter. The mother is the love of his life. But she's with some other guy now, and he's awful. I think maybe he severely injured Le Nevez at some point?

Let's move onto the next movie. Deserted. In the last film, Emma Lung was the unseen narrator. In this movie, we can see her.

Emma Lung wakes up in the desert. She doesn't look so well.

Now she's having a flashback of being in the city with Le Nevez.

Like the other short film, this one mixes past with present.

This is one of those projects in which the worst thing about it is it's shortness.  I'm very intrigued by the storyline. I want it to be a regular full-length movie. I don't want it to be a short thing. I've read a few self-published short stories that made me feel that way.  I read and then hope someday the writer will turn it into a novel.  All this is frustrating, but preferable to the opposite—the novel or full-length film that I feel would be better off if it were much shorter.

After finishing the film, I have to wonder if I should change my mind about the above paragraph. I think it's a great film, but maybe it doesn't need any more minutes. Maybe 8 minutes and 5 seconds is the perfect length for it.

I'm looking at Google now. There are a lot of articles about Le Nevez.

Here's one about becoming a dad.

The mother of his child is American. Interesting. So...maybe Patrick didn't die because Le Nevez wanted to work in Hollywood. Maybe Patrick died so Le Nevez could be with his American true love. I like the latter story better.

This article says Le Nevez is going to be seen in two series—one being Love Child, and the other being a detective story called The Kettering Incident.

Lord Wiki told me Le Nevez's girlfriend is named Michelle Smith. The article says it's Michelle Monique. Lord Wiki provided me with a link that shows where he learned about the girlfriend. It's another article that says the girlfriend's name is Michelle Monique. Lord Wiki made a mistake! Shame on you, Lord Wiki.

I'm joking, of course. We all make mistakes.

I'm going to look at the Matt Le Nevez Twitter page, and his Instagram. Then I need to put the laundry away.

His most recent Tweet is from September 10, and it's about RUOK? day. Having a day where we remember to ask if people are okay makes me think of Andrew's recent blog post about the one week of the year that we're supposed to not be racist.  It's nice to dedicate a day, week, or month to a needed quality or concept; but hopefully we can go beyond that. Le Nevez's Tweet links to a website, and I think they are pushing for people to be asking the question throughout the entire year.

I'm all for the movement. I've had times where I've felt sad, lonely, forgotten, and hurt; and it would have been nice to have received the question. Are you okay? That's asking for a lot, though, seeing that there are times I openly let someone know I'm not okay. Or I tell them I'm troubled and stressed by something. I start telling them about my problem, but then they turn around because their kids are saying something funny. And that's so much more fun then listening to me. And never mind that I've spent so much time listening to them talk on and on about THEIR problems.  Of course interruptions happen, and when it's your pay attention. But does it hurt to turn around and say. Sorry, what were you saying before?

Yeah. I kind of have a chip on my shoulder. But I AM okay. For now.

Looking at the next Tweet. I feel a little less okay. It's a Retweet about a child who died of cancer.  That's really NOT okay.

And there's another Tweet after that with another child who has died.

It's really sad. Both Tweets have links to the You Are My Sunshine Foundation.  I see on their website that Le Nevez is their patron.  They raise money to fight a specific cancer called Neuroblastoma. It's a nerve cancer that effects infants and very young children.

I just noticed that Le Nevez has the link to the foundation in his Twitter profile. It seems he's pretty passionate about it.

I have to say, just by looking at Le Nevez's Twitter, I would rate him as a very lovely person. Now he could be an evil demon who is faking goodness on Twitter. But I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But yeah...he's conversational.  As I've said in other posts, I like people who are conversational on Twitter. It's better than those who just talk to themselves. I did this. I did that. I ate a pizza today.  Blah, blah, blah.  Le Nevez has very little, if any, self promotional Tweets. He promotes things, but not his own work.

You know, I think someone should invent an Alyssa Milano Twitter Award. It would be for celebrity Twitterers who show an interest in the world outside themselves and a compassion for others. I would definitely give Matthew Le Nevez the Alyssa Milano award. And now I am HONORED that I was blessed enough to dream about him last night.

Here's Le Nevez's Instagram account.

His most recent photo is from two weeks ago. It's a motorcycle. He helps kids with cancer and he rides a motorcycle. On the weekends, he probably visits old ladies in the local nursing home and listens to them tell stories about their childhood.

Sometimes I hate reading about celebrities because I love the characters they play; and I fear the actor is going to disappoint me. For example, do I want to know anything about David Tennant besides the fact that he's a fantastic actor? I'm afraid he could never live up to Dr. Who.

But this Matthew Le Nevez?  From what I see. Patrick pales in comparison.  And Patrick was a really wonderful man (RIP). It's not like comparing I'm David Morrissey to The Governor.

Here's Le Nevez doing the ice-challenge. He talks beforehand, and I didn't understand a word he was saying. But that's all right.  It's the ice that counts.  Plus, from what I can see...Le Nevez did the challenge in August in Australia. Winter! That's more impressive than my fellow Americans pouring ice water on themselves in the middle of 90-100 degree weather.  That being said, I think the purpose of the challenge wasn't about torturing yourself. It's about helping people with ALS/Motor Neuron Disease, and taking the opportunity to show off how cute you look when you're wet, cold, and screaming. I don't think I've seen any ice-challenge video where the participant didn't look at least somewhat adorable.

Here's a photo of the hands of the Le Nevez baby. And it has a link to Michelle Monique's Instagram.

Hers is private. Keep nosy people like me out. Especially since I believed Lord Wiki about her name being Michelle Smith.

Here's a picture of an airline ticket. Le Nevez labeled it as Coming Home. Five months ago, he returned to Melbourne. For good? Or was he just visiting?  But by now...I'm guessing he's staying. He has those two TV shows. Maybe he's going to be bilocal though?  Is his family with him in Australia, or are they still back in Los Angeles?

I hope they're all together. But if not, I hope they get to see each other a lot.

Le Nevez has a photo of a tornado shelter, and I was thinking how I saw one in Austin. When I clicked on the photo, I saw that it's from West Texas!  I have something in common with Le Nevez! We both saw and took photos of Texas tornado shelters.  I accidentally lied. I just found my photo. It's a storm shelter, not a tornado shelter. But close enough. And if you're going to need shelter during a Texas storm, it's likely to be a tornado you're hiding from.

It looks like there are two things that impressed Le Nevez when he was in Texas—storm shelters and packets of butter.

I didn't think there could be anything that would make me adore Le Nevez anymore. But now I see he has a photo of toilets.

My second ever Instagram photo was of a toilet.

Toilets are very important. We need to celebrate them much more often.

And I think I'll leave on that profound note, because it is getting close to my bedtime.