Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Super Long Blog Posts

One of my many worries in life is that there are people out there who feel obligated to read all my blog posts.

If I felt obligated to read someone's blog religiously and they wrote super long blog posts, I'd be furious. Although it would be my fault for feeling obligated to read, right? It would be about me and my weird rituals and self-imposed rules (because I am like that)

I write the super long research posts because I have fun doing it. I like learning about things, and I like how the stuff I read gets me thinking about my own life and my own opinions.  

I see from Statcounter that as time goes by, some of the posts become somewhat popular. Or at least they get a fair amount of visitors. The celebrity I'm writing about might be liked, while my post is not. Who knows. I'd like to imagine that, every so often, a fan of the subject of my post comes along, reads my post, and isn't bored to tears. 

As for people who read my blog regularly because they're nice or they like my writing (in small doses), I really hope they're not reading more than they want to read. I hope they do some major skimming, or simply skip the posts that aren't of interest to them.  

I did a few word counts on some recent posts and they came out to about 18 pages. That's overly long. So if you start skimming and skipping, know you are being quite reasonable. I'm the one being unreasonable. But I don't want to change. I like writing long blog posts. 

I have to confess that in the past, (because I was so immature and unwise back then) I might have wanted people to read my super long blog posts in their entirety. I got mad when after writing a post about David Hicks and mentioning  my major toe injury, hardly anyone expressed concern in the comments. I thought it was because my regular readers were cold and uncaring. But now I'm thinking they had probably skimmed/skipped over that part.  

I'm older and wiser now. And more reasonable.  

Let me just conclude by saying that I'm grateful to anyone who reads my blog posts, whether it's the whole post, a few paragraphs, or a few sentences.