Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Suzannah Bayes-Morton

Today I'm going to learn about Suzannah Bayes-Morton. She's an actress on the show I've been watching—The Straits.

The Straits is about a crime family that lives in North Queensland. What I see in this show that I haven't really seen in other Australian shows is a multi-racial cast.  The other Australian TV shows I've watched have mostly white characters.

I'm not sure what to make of the fact that I finally see a show with a lot of characters who aren't white, and they're criminals.

To be fair, there are definitely other shows in Australia with criminal protagonists, and the protagonists are caucasian. So Australian television isn't giving me the message that only non-white people are criminals. But it might be nice for there to be a show about a non-white family that is not made up of criminals.

And maybe there is a show. Or there has been a show. I'm not a complete encyclopedia about Australian television.

Looking at the more positive side...Even though the Montebello family in The Straits do illegal things, they're not evil. And actually the character who seems lowest on the morality scale is the father in the family; and he's white.

Suzannah Bayes-Morton plays Sissi on the show. From what I understand, Sissi knows what her family does, but she doesn't seem to like it. And at one point, she even considers leaving it all. She definitely has strong morals.  I don't think she gets her own hands dirty.  Nor does she applaud the dirty hands of her siblings and/or any of their employees.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling for now. I shall start my learning about Bayes-Morton with IMDb.

She doesn't have much of a bio on IMDb. Not everyone does. And her IMDb filmography is quite short. I'm kind of glad. I actually thought about skipping my post today. It's a stressful day for me. But on the other hand, doing these posts help me keep my mind off of things. I'm not sure, though, if I'm up to writing about someone with an overwhelming career. Overwhelming usually equals successful. So it's kind of like I'm saying I'm glad Suzannah Bayes-Morton isn't that successful. Maybe it's true...just for selfish reasons. After I write this post, she can fatten up her filmography as much as she wants. And that's what should happen. From what I see on The Staits, she's quite talented.

So anyway...let me shut up and look at the filmography.

The first screen thing she has on there is Wilfred.  When I think of that show, it makes me wonder. What's wrong with all those people who like that show? Or is it me that has the problem? Is there an inherent problem in my soul that causes me to miss the beauty and wonder that is Wilfred? I don't know.

Bayes-Morton was in one episode of the show in season one. She played someone named Jane. That was in 2007.

In 2008, she was in a movie called The Tumbler.

I'm watching the trailer now. It's about gold, the outback, and the military.

I didn't see Bayes-Morton, so I guess she's not one of the main stars.

Also in 2008, Bayes-Morton guest-starred on a season 11 episode of All Saints.  I think that's the season I watched.

I just read the description of the episode. I actually kind of remember it. They bring a prisoner to the hospital to treat him—a maximum security guy. Or maybe the doctors go to the prison to treat him there?

I'm going to skim through the episode and see if I can find Bayes-Morton.

I think that's her in the beginning. She's a suicide patient. It's hard to see her face. She has an oxygen mask on.

Wait. Maybe it's not her. Now I see her face.  Yeah...it's not her.

Now I see her! She's at 4:55. She's in the patient waiting area making sounds of distress. Then she collapses.

I kind of remember this, but I don't remember the outcome.

Oh! Now I remember. Uh...not because my memory kicked in. But I'm re-watching the scenes. Bayes-Mortin is having these horrible abdominal pains, has pelvic bleeding, and she's nauseated. The doctors run a bunch of tests and make the guess that she has an ectopic pregnancy.

Then they leave, another doctor comes back, and says she's fine.  She was just stressed. Stress caused all her pain. Yeah. Right. That's the scene I'm watching now. And you know what...maybe my memory IS kicking in a bit, because I AM remembering the scenes after that. I think maybe it turns out that the doctor who sends her home ends up being a fake doctor.

The sad thing is, I know that in reality it need not be a FAKE doctor who sends a severely ill patient home with a clean bill of health.

Back to the filmography....

2012 is the year that Bayes-Morton was on The Straits. There are only ten episodes. I'm not sure if it's a series that wasn't blessed with a second season. Or is it a mini-series? I'm leaning towards the latter, just because it had ten episodes. I think TV shows usually have more episodes than that. Even shows with short seasons. For example. Offspring has a short season, but it has 13 episodes.

The last thing on Bayes-Morton filmography is a Star Wars parody called Death Star PR. I wrote about another Star Wars parody type thing a few weeks ago, and was wondering if this is the same one. I don't think it is.

Here's one of the episodes. It's short—only ten minutes.

I'm not sure I'm in the mood to watch the whole thing. I might skip ahead to the Bayes-Morton scenes.

Bayes-Morton appears after the scrolling Star Wars message thing.  She's jovial. It's strange seeing her that way, because on The Straits, and on the episode of All Saints she was quite somber.  Well, of course...you don't go through an ectopic pregnancy with a big smile on your face.

Now she's looking serious. She looks more like the Bayes-Morton that's familar to me.

There was a guy who looked familiar to me. Then I realized (with IMDb's help) that he's from Rush! He's the guy that got bit by the monkey.

Well, I'm done with the filmography.  It ends in 2012. Does that mean Bayes-Morton's career has stalled.  Has she given up? Has the film/TV industry given up on her? Or maybe she's busy doing theater? Mothering? Writing a novel...perhaps?

Does she have a loud Internet presence or a quiet one?

I shall soon try to find out.

Well, I Googled and I'm seeing stuff. So, that's good.

I'm going to start with this article.

Bayes-Morton was 29 in 2012, so now she's probably 31.

She went to Dickson college, and a drama class is what sparked her interest in acting.

If this is the right Dickson College, it's located in the ACT.

Wait...Dickson. I think we've been there before. Is that where we ate at all the restaurants?  I mean not at the school, but the suburb.

I'm looking at the area on Google Maps. I think it is the suburb. I'm not positive, though.

After Dickson, Bayes-Morton attended the Victorian College of the Arts. That's in Melbourne. I wonder why she chose that city over Sydney or staying in Canberra.

The article talks about The Straits, and there's something I didn't know. The four kids in the family (including Sissi) are all adopted. I didn't know that. On the episode I watched today, one of the sons mentioned that they weren't the father's biological son. I thought he meant that he was a stepson.

Other little fact about Bayes-Morton: She lived in Berlin for awhile. Her husband is a chef.

She's Papua New Guinean.

Oh! And here she talks about preferring Melbourne over Sydney.  She didn't like the traffic in Sydney. She likes the diverse culture and the arty people in Melbourne.  I guess that makes up for Melbourne traffic. I imagine it's not that much better than Sydney. Or am I wrong?

Bayes-Morton does have another career field outside of acting. She works in disability care and youth work. So maybe she's returned to that?

Here's Bayes-Morton's Facebook page. She hasn't updated since December 2013. Her last post was a link to a list of international shows to binge-watch.  The Straits is on there.

Oh no. I see another post which tells me I was wrong about The Straits. They WERE hoping for a second season. Well, that sucks. Bayes-Morton says they tried to convince the ABC to let them do more episodes. The ABC said no. It's a shame.

Maybe the show is something that's more liked by Americans. Well, there was that list on the website of shows to binge-watch. I'm pretty sure it's an American website. And on Hulu, people can comment about the episodes. There's a fair bit of comments from American viewers who are very enthusiastic about the show.

From her Facebook page, I get the idea that Bayes-Mortin is kind and down-to-earth. She seems nice. And she has links to work that her friends and colleagues have done. For example, she links to a Facebook page for a film project made by a crew member of The Straits. I like when people support each other.

Bayes-Morton has a thing called an iPhoneagram.  You can sign in using your Instagram account. I guess it's like an alternative to Instagram, but supported by Instagram? Or it supports Instagram. Whatever.

I'm going to look at some of her photos.

Ah! Wait. Now I've found the Instagram page. She has one. I think the iPhone thing is just an alternate way of accessing Instagram.


Her most recent photo is from this month, and it's of two toddlers. Maybe hers?

Bayes-Morton wants a kite. I hope she gets one.

She made breakfast for Rainbow Lorikeets. I envy her for that.

She has two photos from a place called Shuk Cafe. Here's one of them.  Are those scones? They look more like American biscuits; the kind you get at KFC.

Do Australian KFC's have biscuits? If so, do they call them something else? Because wouldn't that get confusing?

I looked up Shuk Cafe and ended up finding a place in Bondi. Is Bayes-Mortin living there now. Did she change her mind about Sydney traffic?

The picture caption on Bayes-Morton's Instagram says something about Dine at Mine Camp Quality. Here's a website about that.

They raise money to help kids with cancer. They do this by having people host meals, and then the guests pay a donation fee.

Bayes-Mortin has a lot of children in her Instagram photo. I'm not sure if some of them are hers; or if they're maybe nieces and nephews?

I think I'm going to end this here. I need to start getting ready for the doctor appointment.