Friday, September 12, 2014

The Dead Are On A PDF File

A few days ago, my friend said she was interested in reading The Dead Are Online. The problem is she doesn't have a Kindle.

That gave me a wonderful thought. What if a ton of people are wanting to read my novel, and it's not the rejected failure I imagined? What if they just don't have Kindle capabilities?

In case my delusion is true and YOU want to read it, I can send you the PDF file. I'll just need your email address.

I was thinking of what I could put here to build my book. I was going to post the synopsis, but you can see that on the Amazon page. And it's not really good (probably the reason no one wants to read the book).

So instead I'm going to do a list of keywords about the book. You can see if any of them appeal to you.

death, afterlife, video chat, mobile phones, Sydney, Hawaii, Atlanta, gay marriage, London, actors, atheists, sex, weddings, divorce, eating disorders,  possession, exercise addition, dreams, San Francisco, health food stores, narcissism, the Internet, evil, mediums, families, grief, Darling Harbour tourism, Manhattan, love

If you're interested...or want to pretend you're interested (out of pity for me) email me at my gmail address (notreallyaustralian). Or you can leave your email in the comment section.

By the way,  I also have another book out that's not at all Australia-related. But someone reading this blog might like it anyway. It's called Thirty Cats, and it's a young-adult romance about a girl who has Neurofibromatosis. I wrote it several years ago, but I recently fixed a few things and republished it on Kindle.  If you have a Kindle and about 99 cents to spare, it would be great if you could buy it. If you don't have a Kindle and you want the PDF, I can send it. I have to create the file for that, but it should only takes a minute or two.

One note: In case you didn't can download a free Kindle AP for your phone or computer.

I am also thinking some of you might be DYING to read my masterpieces, but don't like e-books. I appreciate and understand that. One day I might make paperback versions. It will be expensive, though...especially when you factor in shipping. And I won't be generous to give those away for free. Sorry.